3 Keys to Unlocking Your Greatness

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“The Spark of Life: Unlocking Our Greatness Within”

It is incredible when we stop for a moment in our busy lives, opening our consciousness and hearts to the innumerable connections we have to the world around us.

It’s even more amazing when we allow this stillness to fill our being and we uncover a vast universe within ourselves.

For those of us who take this journey inward, we see that we’re not only connected to our surroundings, we are expressions of Life Itself.

Each of us empowered, awakened and brought to Life by the same Essence which enables all to be.

The Greatness Within

To some this may sound deep, to others it may seem obvious or even far-fetched. If so, let me break it down this way.

The same Energy which holds the planets in space, creating stars through the combination of elements, minerals and atoms, is the same Energy that enabled you to awake and be.

Whether you look at the atoms and electrons in your own body or travel to the furthest galaxy, you will find the same Essence of Life.

Throughout history, we’ve called this Essence God, Jah, Allah, Light, Intelligence, the Divine, Yahweh, Energy, Love and the Universe.

What we call it matters not. For the energy that enables us to give It a name is the Essence Itself.

As we open our spirit, our consciousness and our hearts to this truth, we’ll see that within all things lies the seed of greatness, the spark of Life.

In fact, within our very selves are the keys which can unlock our greatest potential.

At the depths of it all, everything we seek, we already are.

Unlocking Our Greatness

Realizing and consciously understanding this universal truth is just the beginning. It’s not enough to simply understand something mentally.

We must take that conscious understanding and apply it to our daily lives. We do this through our choices and actions.

The keys which unlock our greatness, are the same keys we’ve been using throughout our lives. These keys are our thoughts, choices and actions.

As you and I begin to consciously, intentionally and deliberately live, utilizing the tools we’ve come equipped with, we can see we all have the opportunity to unlock the greatness that rests within.

Unfortunately, many of us know about this powerful process but few commit themselves to unlocking their gifts.

Here’s a few keys that can help you recognize that which you already are.

3 Keys To Unlock The Greatness Within

#1 – Honor Your Connection – One of the first things we should all seek to consciously understand is our connection to Life itself. Not just our family, friends and current reality but our connection to the stars above us and the planet beneath us. Realizing that innumerable things have aligned in such a way that it has enabled us to awake and be.

#2 – Honor Your Expression – We should pause often throughout our days and remind ourselves that we are all illuminated and brought to life by Life Itself. Recognizing that not only are we illuminated from the same Light, but each of us shines in our own unique way. Through this you can see how your light is one of a kind.

#3 – Honor Your Creative Ability – After honoring your connection with all, recognizing your divine expression, it’s easy for you to see that you have assisted in creating your reality. Your thoughts, choices and actions have acted as your paint brushes which you have used to paint your world. Honoring your creative ability you can see that you have the opportunity to begin to use your inner energy to create a world of beauty, peace, abundance and respect for all.


Let us all be grateful for the gifts that have been within us since the beginning.

Let us all be grateful for our connection to Life Itself and our ability to use our inner Essence in such a way that we can assist in the creation of our lives.

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Jeffon Seely

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