Is it Metaphysics or Quantum Physics

Within the last decade I have lost count of all the times I’ve been asked if I joined a cult. Why? Because I am happier than ever, and because I share my understanding of spiritual principles with anyone who will listen. In short I have become a metaphysical evangelist. As my journey and my studies


In “Selfie” Defense

Selfies: selfish or self-love? If you are remotely in touch with pop culture, you have heard of, seen and maybe even snapped a few “selfies.”  With the advent of smart phones with front cameras, selfie sticks, etc., selfies are very much a part of our daily lives. I recently read an article which was very


Is Your Fear Stopping You?

Being creative is a wonderful gift. Through your eyes your dreams come to life. You blend the colors. You choose the lighting. You mold and shape and breathe into your art until it has form and movement and is ready for the world. Being creative can also really suck the big one. You have to


Carpe Articulum — Seize the Moment

The Latin phrase Carpe Diem (seize the day) was first attributed to a poem written by the famed Roman poet Horace during the reign of Augustus.  It gained fresh awareness for many of us by the actor Robin Williams in the 1989 movie Dead Poets Society. Williams, an English professor, challenges his class of boys


The Three Most Important Words for Success

Do you feel stuck, or like the “pause” button of your life is pushed, and you don’t know how to get moving again?  There are three words that can help to not only get you moving again, but get you on the road to your greatest success. I recently participated in a radio interview publicity


A Spiritual Stretch – Beyond the Backyard

When I was a young child growing up with my two brothers in Colorado, my parents set many boundaries to keep us safe.  One such boundary was that when we were little, we were to play in our own backyard.  I am sure they had removed everything obviously dangerous from the yard and they had


Universal Tough Love

The influential mythologist Joseph Campbell once offered this, “The Universe always strikes you at your weakest point because that’s what most needs strengthening.” Although the word ‘strike’ is an interesting choice, Campbell is relaying that the Universe perpetually offers us the chance to evolve. One might even say, It insists on it. Generally our fears are


The Eighth Wonder of the World

  Like many others, I’ve gone to Hawaii to “get away from it all,” to seek the wonders of the world through nature, and to connect more deeply with my inner peace and spirit, which at times seems so difficult to do in the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day existence. On returning, I fully and humbly realize that


Healing Through Parenting

My teen-age years were filled with emotional wounds and many are still just barely scabbed over. Looking back now, I know that I had many judgments and expectations about what I wanted from life, and perceptions of what actually happened as good or bad. I have the luxury of looking back with wisdom and see


Second Chances

I am grateful for my body every day – that I have the ability to move and be alive. There was a time I feared that would not be the case. Three years ago I was diagnosed with an aggressive triple negative breast cancer. I was barely 31, the producer of a party company, directing

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