20 Steps to Becoming a Master of Your Craft and Life

What comes to mind when you think of the word Mastery?   Webster’s defines mastery as:  knowledge and skill that allows you to do, use, or understand something very well, or the complete control of something. The human of us tends to and likes to believe that we are in control. We like to feel


10 Practices for a Stress Free Lifestyle

The New Year, which is meant to be a joyous time of celebration, can sometimes seem quite stressful with the busyness of holiday activities. I am offering these helpful practices so that you can rejoice in a peaceful and harmonious New Year and beyond! By definition, stress refers to the mental, emotional, or physical strain


Being an Intentional Parent

Parenting is a tough job, and we parents are usually harder on ourselves than anyone else. My claim to fame is that I know I am not perfect and, frankly, I don’t strive to be perfect. Well not anymore! Recently, I was feeling very frustrated with something going on with my daughter, and felt my


3 Steps to Getting Your Needs Met

Many people accept a false premise that getting your needs met is a difficult, sometimes futile pursuit. We tend to unconsciously collect our past failed attempts and weave them into a blanket of false protection. Predictably, we wrap ourselves up in these past failings and ‘wear’ their depleting energy as a part of our earthly


3 Keys to Unlocking Your Greatness

“The Spark of Life: Unlocking Our Greatness Within” It is incredible when we stop for a moment in our busy lives, opening our consciousness and hearts to the innumerable connections we have to the world around us. It’s even more amazing when we allow this stillness to fill our being and we uncover a vast


Loving One Where They Are

Meeting one where they are keeps one where they are; loving one where they are supports one’s expansion. For over fourteen years I have heard the following statement used in education, “We meet students where they are.” With pride, schools have used this statement in describing why their school is a better choice for a


How to Get Unstuck

“When You Don’t Know What to Do Next, Finish Something” Do ever feel stuck or unsure what to do next? All of us have felt that feeling, of not being sure what to do next.  Whether it is feeling unsure what to do next for the day, or what to do next in life, confusion


Embrace the Joy of Being

  This week as we experienced the time change and cooler weather, it reminded me that the majesty and magic of autumn is in full swing! As I looked out my window upon the vast landscape, I felt a wonderful connection with the beauty of autumn – appreciating the glory of the multi-colored universe of


What is My Life’s Purpose

Let me ask you a couple questions: Do you love your job?  Are you living your passion? Traveling around the country, talking to people about their passion and purpose, I often hear people say about their job, “well, I don’t love my job, but I’m good at it, so maybe I should just keep doing


Immersion into the Hierarchy of Values

It’s actually quite simple to determine what’s most important to a person. Look at what they spend their time and money on. Look at what they speak about continuously. We each have our hierarchy of values.  The top items are what we value most because it is where our time, talent and treasure are continuously

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