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EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Rev. Dr. David Ault Volumes 1-3 Audio CD Sets Now On Sale!

Never before released Volumes 1-3 CD Sets of original talks from Senior Minister, author and speaker Rev. Dr. David Ault now available.


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Now available for purchase:


Volume 1: (2 CD Set)


“A New Pledge”
“Whosoever Will”
“Having and Being”
“Alchemy of Transformation”
Price: $20 (+ shipping/tax)
David Ault CD
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Volume 2: (2 CD Set)


“The Inner World of Thought”
“Science of Mind & the Bhagavad Gita”
“The Value of Receiving”
“Becoming What We Want”
Price: $20 (+ shipping/tax)
David Ault CD
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Volume 3: (2 CD Set)


“Perfectly Imperfect”
“In My Father’s House”
“Lifted Up”
“The Ripple Effect”
Price: $20 (+ shipping/tax)
David Ault CD
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Rare Kennedy Shultz Talks Available for Purchase at SLCA

For the first time ever, our founder of Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta, Kennedy Shultz’s talks are now available to collect and purchase. We currently have a limited number of talks compiled into Volume 1, 2 and 3. More coming!


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NEW! Founder Kennedy Shultz Volume 3, Audio CD Set On Sale!

NEW VOLUME 3 4-CD Set of original audio talks from our incomparable founder Dr. Kennedy Shultz on sale! Our newest Kennedy Shultz Talks Volume 3 4-CD Set includes the following:

“Hollow Victories, Glorious, Defeats, Whitewashed Tombs”
“Anger: Foremost Self Destroyer”
“The Leaves Must Fall”
“10th Anniversary: Small Snakes”

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