Tuesdays from 12-1 PM
January 8-29


Happiness Matters! Maybe even more than you realize. Not only is it important to your physical and mental health, critical to weathering all of life’s twist and turns and true crises, but it is also imperative to the happiness of the world at large.

Think about how wonderful the world would be if we all did what made us happy. Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a world where we let go of our “shoulds” and followed our hearts to what was truly important to us?

Sounds great, but:

How do we actually experience happiness?

Aren’t some people just born naturally happy?

Why is it that what we think is going to make us happy often falls short?

How can I measure my current happiness and then know if I am becoming happier?

What will it take for me to lead a happy life?

During this lunch and learn series we will explore the new results in psychological science that teach us how to be happier, feel less stressed and flourish more and once and for all, answer these nagging questions.

Together we will bust the happiness myths and using scientific findings, we will explore the habits that allow us to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Included in the series will be self-coaching take home exercises, access to top research findings and easy to implement proven research-based methods to increasing your personal happiness and well-being.

After this workshop:

You will:  Have 10+ powerful techniques you can implement immediately to achieve lasting happiness

You will:  Be able to induce a deep and life altering shift to a “state” of experiencing happiness

You will:  Understand the human brain and the SCIENCE behind happiness

You will:  Begin the New Year with a Happiness Practice that eliminates the need for resolutions

Your happiness matters – to all of us!!


Meet Your Instructor: Jennifer Earl

Jennifer is driven by her natural curiosity of what is possible for each and every individual. Drawing upon her 30-year corporate career where she held roles as diverse as senior executive to tech company start-up warrior, she knows people and what drives excellence.

She has worked with a wide variety of global corporations and organizations to train leadership and employees on how to boost performance and maximize results. Speaking, training, coaching and leading audiences from 500 to 5 has been her passion and continues to feed her soul.  She has built lasting relationships based on some very simple principles; be optimistic, dedicated, appreciative and most of all human.

One-on-one coaching and advising evolved naturally from her corporate work with people from all walks of life and being asked to work directly with them to increase their overall well-being and ultimately claim what they truly want for themselves.

Jennifer is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified professional coach in training. She is certified in several corporate and individual assessment tools including OMG’s world-class Sales Leadership Evaluation; Everything DiSCâ; and Yale University’s Science of Well-Being. She is an Honors graduate from Northwood University and continues to invest in on-going training and learning.

In her own life, Jennifer is a world-wide intrepid traveler, lover of good food and the art of entertaining, and committed to a world that works for everyone through her service as a Board Member for both the non-profit Kaleidoscope Child Foundation and the professional organization International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) Atlanta Chapter.

Industry Experience: Technology; Consumer Packaged Goods; Post-Secondary Education; Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution; Interactive Media; and Training & Development