Time: Wednesdays, 7:00p.m.-9:00p.m.
Book/s: “The Power of Meditation” by Edward Viljoen
Dates: May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
Cost: $100.00 or $25.00 a class

This introductory meditation course moves step by step through the powerful tool of meditation in many different modalities. Topics include meditation with light, mantras, sound, movement, breathing and more. Each week is very experiential with various forms of meditation that the student can then take with them for a richer practice at home.


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Meet Your Instructor: Rev. Dr. David Ault

For over 30 years David Ault has been a prophetic voice in the human potential movement as an unwavering crusader for mindfulness, global literacy and social justice. As a teacher, evolutionary coach and keynote presenter, David’s bridges our collective forgetfulness into our great collective reawakening. As an award winning author, leadership coach, and global education advocate, he loves leading through example and abides by the motto that people would rather ‘see a lesson than hear one’.

Besides serving as the leader of the Council, David is the founder of Kaleidoscope Child Foundation, whose mission is to advance vulnerable children and communities worldwide with sustainable education, life skills and fresh water. Beginning more than 14 years ago, Kaleidoscope now operates schools in Siem Reap Cambodia, Bodhgaya and Lakhanpur India and partners with literacy programs throughout Guatemala serving more than 800 children annually.

As a respected teacher, writer and columnist, David is the author of the bestseller, Where Regret Cannot Find Me and the multi-award winning, The Grass Is Greener Right Here.