Minister’s Message – March 21, 2014

DavidAultHeadshotSmallOfficial Voting Is This Sunday at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta and Your Participation Counts

This Sunday will be our yearly Town Hall meeting and the culmination of a three-week series on moving towards a sustainable and lasting solution for our beloved Center. The first week I shared with you the value of aligning our whole selves so that our earth based lives and our spirit minded practices are balanced and working in harmony together. We shared with you the current budget challenge and what must happen to arrive at solution. Next was the migration of taking that information and applying individual and collective ownership so that it moves from concept to action.

Now, this Sunday, a clear and concise method of action will be presented for you to vote on.

We will be sharing a portion of the information during the service but the remaining information will be shared during the Town Hall Meeting immediately following second service.

(This meeting, a longstanding tradition presenting financial/budget information to membership, is part of our by-law requirement as well as an act of compliance with our parent organization Centers for Spiritual Living.)

Sunday’s gathering is a high priority as we present you two varying budgets to vote on.It is the Board of Trustees responsibility to align how SLCA’s mission is delivered through services, education, and events with the resources available to fund the programs.

Click Here for a full overview of what to expect and how to make your vote count. (PDF document)

Rev. Dr. David Ault

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