My Prayer for My Country


My Prayer for My Country


The affirmative writings below come from students of The Essential Ernest Holmes class taken at Spiritual Living Center during the 2016 beginning semester.


Inspired by this first prayer written by Holmes himself, they were challenged to write something that imbued universal truth, hope, kindness and a solution-driven sensibility not just for our country but the world at large.

This web page showcases the students writings and is intended to offer you inspiration and recognition that we can create a positive and affirmative impact on our world when we devotedly choose to see it, speak it, and act in harmony with the vision of revealing a world that works for everyone.

May you return here as often as necessary to reclaim that vision for yourself.  

[hr] Believing in the Divine Destiny of the United States of America and in the preservation of liberty, security and self expression for all, I offer this prayer for my country:

“I know that Divine Intelligence governs the destiny of the United States of America, directing the thought and the activity of all who guide its affairs.

I know that success, prosperity and happiness are the gifts of freedom and the Divine Heritage of everyone in this country; that they are now operating in the affairs of every individual in this country.

I know that Divine Guidance enlightens the collective mind of the people of this country, causing it to know that economic security may come to all without the loss of either personal freedom or individual self expression. I know that no one can believe or be led to believe that personal freedom must be surrendered in order to ensure economic security for all.

The All-knowing Mind contains the answers to every problem which confronts this country. I know that every leader in this country is now directed by this All-knowing Mind and has the knowledge of a complete solution to every problem. Each is impelled to act upon this knowledge to the end thatabundance, security and peace shall come to all

And I know that this Spiritual Democracy shall endure, guaranteeing to everyone in this country, personal liberty, happiness and self-expression.

~Ernest Holmes

I hold and send out the thought and vision of peace, light and harmony within myself, my own home, my neighborhood, my city, my town, my state, my region, my own country the USA, my continent, the oceans around her, the continents on the other side of those oceans and to the oceans on the other side of those continents….

And back to my continent, my country, my state, my region, my neighborhood, my home.

I hold steady to the vision that each individual comes to the realization of their own power to bring forth peace within and to radiate that peace without.

I focus on my part; to be in this world and not of this world.  I know the same is true for all.

~ Sandi


I know that Divine Intelligence governed the thoughts and actions of our founding fathers and mothers.  I know that God continues to govern the thoughts and actions of today.  I hope that our leaders, and believe that our President, come from a core belief and faith in God and try to operate from a position of right and fairness to all. I know that we can achieve a state of mutual Love, Truth, and respect.  I know that at the heart of each human being is a desire for this and that all acts of harm toward each other, past and present, come only from a place of fear, a stepping away from the Assurance of Enough, of Abundance for all.

I know that there will be World Peace.  That if we each believe in, hold the thought as conviction, hold out our hands in love and understanding, in celebration of our commonalities and uniqueness, we come to a place of Love, to Peace.

“Peace comes from the absence of fear, from a consciousness of trust, from a deep underlying faith in the absolute goodness and mercy, the final integrity of the universe in which we live, and of every cause to which we give our thought, our time, and our attention.  If we would have peace outwardly, we must first realize peace inwardly.”  “That which is born in faith must be kept through faith . . . our thoughts, our meditations, our hopes must rise (together) in one common accord.”  Ernest Holmes

God has provided for each of us, for All of us. Each of us carries our own abilities, our own portion of the Collective Truth, the Universal Heart.  We are one Family.  We are all each other’s brothers, sisters, children.  This world, this universe, is our common Home.  We hold it in our hands.

I know that Divine guidance is guiding the actions, not only of leaders in our country, but leaders across the world. The universe.  I know that a world united under God, a world with Faith, is one united in Peace and Harmony.  I know that equality, freedom, and individual human rights exist now for all.

Oh, God, bring all people together.  Unite them in Love and Peace with each other.  Let us all understand and embrace each other in Love and know that we all follow the same path, search for the same understanding, yearn for the same Union.  We are all drops in one ocean, blades of grass in one meadow, flowers of one garden, leaves of the same Tree of Life, and members of one human family.

~ Robin


This I know. There is One Universal Mind that is the One Wise Creator of all. We are all created by this One, from this One, for this One to express Itself. Everything has its origins in this One. I know that this One established the United States of America with and through people who valued life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; people who daily sought and received Divine Guidance. I am grateful for these people.

I know that there is One Life, that this Life is God, this Life is perfect and this Life is my Life and the Life of my country. I know that Universal Mind is working with and through our current and future leaders; people who are unique expressions of the One Creator. I am grateful for these leaders.

I know that whatever has happened, is happening, will happen is with the full loving participation of Universal Mind. Therefore, I know that everything is and everything will be alright. I am grateful for living in the United States of America. And so it is.

~ Jodi

[hr] How grateful I am for this day; and for knowing that there is one life, one Great Spirit, one Presence emanating and animating every structure in this universal system. There is a divine order in the solar system; there is a perfect balance in the ocean; and there is order in my country.

I am one with this Great Spirit–this Universal Force that always creates harmony and balance. And as I know this harmony, balance, and divine order for myself, I know it for my country, and the countries of the world.

I call forth the highest, best and greatest example of this divine order even through this seemingly chaotic political season. I call forth that intrinsic order even amid the appearance of chaos. I dissolve the separation I see in me and in my countrymen and women. I affirm a country, a political system, states, counties, local governments, and political subdivisions, police forces, and a justice system that works for everyone–we, the people. I accept the gift of mutual respect even amid divergent political positions. I embrace the gift of love from my fellow countrymen and women  regardless of their race, class, religious preference, sexual preference or orientation, because I know that at base, we are all one. At base, we desire love and compassion. We know no amount of intolerant behavior directed at another human being will squelch the fire of fear that rages within, and so easily besets us. So instead, I turn to the fear inside of me and extinguish it with love, with compassion, with grace and mercy. As I extinguish the fear, I radiate love. This, above all, is my responsibility in this land of the free. I celebrate a world that works for everyone. I call forth love, compassion and mutual respect as the activity of our collective awareness. I allow Nature to be my greatest teacher and know that we can build a world that works for everyone as evidenced by the ant. This is what I celebrate–love, compassion, mutual respect–this is what I know to be true about each of us.

I am grateful to be a part of a country that aims for the highest and best ideals and values in its citizenry. I celebrate this with all of humanity and all of my country people.

I release my power filled words into the law which only says yes, and I affirm as Christ once affirmed, according to your faith it is done unto you. I know it is done. And so it is! Amen!

~ Vera


I know Infinite Intelligence is present here and now. This infinite presence exists in all things, seen and unseen, eternally present and available for all.

I know individual freedom, collective liberty and justice are divine rights and are operating in all affairs in our country.  We intentionally create a country that works for everyone.

I know our leaders are divinely guided in service to freedom, liberty and justice of all members of society, realizing our unity is our strength.

Divine guidance leads each conversation and decision moving our country peacefully towards harmony, abundance and prosperity, resolution and appreciation for our diverse society.

And I know peaceful solutions are alive and working in our governmental bodies, marketplace and neighborhoods, all systems here and now. We prosper and thrive in unity.

~ Penelope

[hr] I am grateful for all the material and all spoken words in this and all the classes throughout this course, I am grateful for the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta, Rev. David Ault, and all the fellowship in this now moment, thank you.

You have helped me remind my alignment, my purity, with All there is that I called God/Divine Intelligence.  With words; I have been reminded that when I pray, I am declaring/recognizing my truth.  That the reason of my existence is to express, and the degree of desired is the degree of expression individualize of itself.  This process of expression is by an idea, this idea becomes a thought, a thought becomes a word, a word becomes action (a manifestation in the world of effects).  I am living a human life experience having the capability to have a choice, always living at choice.

I allow and surrender myself to Divine Intelligence.  I honor my feelings, I recognize the power of my thoughts, I choose a positive energy path beyond my limitations and I live accordantly to my level of consciousness.  I know that every experience is an opportunity to learn and growth.  I know Divine Intelligence express through, in, and around my laboratory of life.  Unconsciousness has served me enough, I am Conscious; unworthiness has served me enough, I am Worth; sadness has served me enough, I am Joyful; sickness has served me enough, I am Healthy; ugliness has served me enough, I am Beauty; poverty has served me enough, I am Prosperous; hate has served me enough, I am Love; doubt has served me enough; I am Faith; separation has served me enough, I am Harmony; death has served me enough; I am Eternal Unfolding Soul.  I share life with All, and All life conspired to my favor.  One Universe.  I am so grateful for your existence in my life adventure.

And so It is.

~ Alex


I pray that we, as individuals, know that we are intimately connected to the world within which we exist, and all our action shave effect on the world around us.  I pray that we recognize that the goodness of creation is within us and therefore we have the power of positive change.


I pray that we use this power to tap into our divine self and share with people closest to us at home; that w see and affirm the goodness in our neighbors, friends and acquaintances; show respect and compassion to our coworkers, employees and busses, however counterintuitive it may seem on the surface; offer help to the needy; support organizations that nurture us and be responsibility to our environment.


I pray that our local politicians recognize divine in homeless and drug addicts, and our state politicians realize that discrimination is not a right given by any religion and that guns kill.  I pray that our religious leaders see the divine role that all of us are given and that they preach only compassion, inclusiveness, love but not hate.  I pray that our national leaders provide justice for all and not opportunities for some; that in doing so our country can affect the world by example and not by military might; and that foreign policy is informed by recognizing the abundant gifts of all peoples and not by arrogance and self-interest.

~ Michael

[hr] Stanzas 2 and 3 of the National Hymn of the United States

My native country, thee,

Land of the noble free,

Thy name I love;

I love thy rocks and rilles,

Thy woods and templed hills;

My heart with rapture thrills,

Like that above.

Let music swell the breeze,

And ring from all the trees

Sweet freedom’s song;

Let mortal tongues awake;

Let all that breathe partake;

Let rocks their silence break,

The sound prolong

This is my prayer…that you will forgive us when we forget the sacredness of your gifts, that you will have patience with us when we foolishly waste your precious resources, that you will love us when we don’t love ourselves, that you will guide us gently when we think that we have all the answers, that you will lead us in the way of spirit when we lose sight of our faith, that you will never fail to open each day with a sunrise and close each day with a sunset somewhere on earth, that you will provide a haven for the creatures who know so much better than we do how to find peace and that you will provide the groundwork for all of use to live freely amidst a myriad of different beliefs.

You are, indeed, my country ‘tis of thee! That we can be as vulnerable with our love as you are with your resilience, that we can treasure every day we step foot on your ground and touch the miracles that you give so unconditionally, this is my prayer!

~ Gigi


I know that there is a unity among all humanity, a common thread of the sacred that weaves through us and connects us.

I know that when awakened to this sense of oneness, a prevailing experience of loving-kindness, compassion, and peace emerges.  It is where individual differences are not seen as obstacles but rather as opportunities.

Opportunities for deeper listening.

I know that through the wisdom of this collective mind, injustices are righted, solutions revealed.

It is where individual needs are in perfect harmony with collective needs and where well-being manifests for all.

~ Alison


I live in a nation without fear, without hate, without war, without poverty.

My nation is at peace within its borders and with all other nations and peoples.  My nation recognizes the interdependence of all countries and that each and every person and creature is deeply woven into the life of the planet.

My country anticipates a bright future while remembering all its past.  It respects all other nations, peoples, all genders, all religions and all spiritual paths, all cultures, all relationships. My country is caring and compassionate.  It is prosperous and abundant and generous; it is a country in which no one hungers for food or friendship.

In my country each person does something in their own way to create a world which works for everyone while honoring, protecting and maintaining the health of the earth.

~ Lizanne

[hr] Knowing that there is only one God, one Intelligence, and one Source.

I also know that there is only one country- the world – a reflection of the one god.  I know that the truth of our country is perfect peace, where all inhabitants live in unity and freedom.

I know that love is the pervasive energy given and received by mankind – each fully recognizing the divinity in the other.

I know that prosperity and abundance is the birthright of every person – and everyone has more than enough.

I know that there is a spirit of cooperation, communication, and perfect self-expression – each respecting views of one another.

Compassion and kindness guide the actions of human kind.  Happiness and joy are experienced by everyone.

I know that everyone and everything are inter-connected, thus Oneness is our national state of being.

This is the trust of our country – our world.  I am grateful for the knowledge that is ever-expanding into a greater understanding and expression of our divine nature.

I release this prayer into the action of Law knowing it is done and all is well here and now.

And so it is…

~ Kristy


With gratitude, I send up a prayer for my beloved country. I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have been born in these United States, and for my forefathers-and-mothers who had the courage to cross and ocean in search of a better life (or to escape prison, who knows).

I imagine they, like others, yearned for a just system of government, and that they took pride in and pledged allegiance to the well-considered justice system of the United States of America- based on a constitution and laws.

I believe the American system of government, by the checks and balances assured by having 3 branches of government, is a thoughtful method of government for all our people, and ALL our people includes people who do on look like me, think like me, nor act like me.  This system of fairness and goodwill, along with a good dose of brotherly love, has expanded over time to include groups that were omitted in the beginning.

Our government system was constructed on compromise and that compromise, along with some asterisks, is a hallmark of our success over the centuries.  I believe that our inclusiveness and compromising will continue to expand to those arriving now an in the future, as they come with other languages, more religions/beliefs, new talents, new ideas, and other differences that will unfold over time.

America now has a method where every voice can be counted, and I believe that we will continue to remind each other, as well as to teach future generations, the value of participating in and welcoming others to that process.  Suffrage, after all, means not only the right and the exercise of voting, but also the lifting up of prayer in behalf of another.

May we, each individual- forgive ourselves, forgive each other, and keep moving forward together as united Americans.

With gratitude.

~ Marcia


The United States of America was founded upon the self-evident truth that all men are created equal and as such, have certain unalienable rights such as Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  I know that these rights are not unique to Americans, but are the Divine birthright of all sentient beings, regardless of national origin.  For we are all children of God, unique expressions of the Divine Presence that flows through all of creation.

I know we are fortunate to live in a country founded upon these principles, for it creates a unique opportunity and responsibility for all Americans.  We were born and live in freedom which allows us to make choices that affect our collective futures.

I know that Divine Intelligence guides our choices when we participate in the process of our government, not only in local and national elections, but through interactions within our communities and on social media.  That Divine Guidance prompts us toward right choices which promote and perpetuate the sacred truths our country was found upon.

I know that the chaos the democratic process seemingly generates is only temporary; it is only a process leading us to the right and perfect end.  Just as in nature, underneath the seeming chaos, there is Divine and Perfect order.

I know that the truths democracy promotes shall prevail providing expansion and goodness for all.

~ Richard

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