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Welcome to Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta!

Our Mission

Our mission is to reawaken all to their spiritual magnificence.

We believe that everyone already holds a Divine sense of awareness within. We just need to tap into it!

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What To Expect From Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

  • Be Accepted for Who You Are
  • Discover a Safe, Inclusive Environment for Spiritual Growth
  • Life Enhancement Workshops and Certificated Classes
  • Counseling
  • Learn Spiritual Tools that can be Applied in any Living Situation
  • LGBT and Same-Sex Marriage Support
  • Discover Your Life Purpose
  • Make New Friends in a Supportive Community
  • Teen and Youth Programs, Childcare
  • Music and Creative Arts Programs
  • Volunteering and Community Outreach Opportunities

What Are Sunday Services Like?

We are a “come as you are” spiritual center in an intimate setting.

Sunday Schedule

Adult Study

9 – 10:10am


9:30 – 9:55am






Music and Message

Our house band and/or singers, call to service and welcome by our Senior Minister and Executive Director. We also offer words of inspiration and affirmative prayer (spiritual mind treatment) by one of our staff practitioners, followed by inspirational music from various genres that honor Universal Truths or that simply uplift your spirit.

Our Sunday message, delivered by the Senior Minister or guest speakers are usually 30-35 minutes long and we extend an invitation for grateful giving following.


Practitioners and Prayer Ministry

We believe in the power of affirmative prayer or spiritual mind treatment. At the end of every service, an invitation is extended to anyone wanting to receive one-on-one sessions or prayer from a member of our Practitioner team. Click here to contact our practitioner team directly.

Adult Study Group

If you would like to learn more about our teachings in more of a discussion style format, we offer Adult Study Group every Sunday 9:00 to 10:10am. The text book, “365 Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes is available for purchase at our bookstore. Each day, outside of class read the one-page daily reading. On Sunday mornings, you will participate in a discussion on what we have read.

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Youth and Teen Services

Every week we also provide complimentary child care services and Sunday service classes for our youth and teen groups.

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This is where I seek spiritual feeding and guidance on my relationships in my journey with life.

I fall more in love with every visit!!! Do yourself a favor and check this place out!!!

This is a place of community. Everyone reaches out with love and without judgment. I LOVE THIS CENTER!:)

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