SLCA Pledger and Membership Program

Pledge & Member Program Overview & FAQs

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Become a SLCA Pledger to make a difference, expand your wealth possibilities and receive exclusive perks! Show your pledge commitment by placing your Pledger card in our offering plate during Sunday services.

Pledger and Membership Perks:

  1. Invitation to Annual Intention Setting Workshop
  2. Voting on Major SLCA Initiatives
  3. Free monthly SOM Magazine (One Per Household)
  4. Invitation to the Annual Gratitude Reception  

What is the SLCA Pledger Program and Goal?

The SLCA Pledge Program is an effort to help us continue to be an existing place of inspiration where people from all spiritual paths feel the permission to reconnect with their inherent greatness. Your participation through recurring (automatic) pledges enables us to predict reliable income for budgeting, programming, operational and financial expenses that help sustain our home.

The goal is to talk about giving in an open way and create an atmosphere that draws more people into the power of giving and receiving, as well as the law of attraction to unlock new abundance.

Who can pledge?

The SLCA Pledge Program is specifically focused for any individual or group from all financial backgrounds that are inspired by our services and mission. We are inspired by the example set by you who give generously to help make the world a better place.


  1. Help SLCA sustain monthly operations and financial obligations
  2. Help SLCA grow with an increased and reliable stream of income
  3. Take action where you are spiritually fed
  4. Make an impact on the lives of others regardless of your financial background
  5. Come together and be an example of shared ownership to build community
  6. Strengthen relationships with money and open up to new wealth possibilities
  7. Enjoy a convenient, safe and reliable one-time setup for your giving
  8. Turn your ongoing donation into a larger one over time without budget strain
  9. Receive instant enrollment as an Official Member of SLCA
  10. Receive membership benefits, recognition and rewards

How much should I give?

Each individual or group is encouraged to give from a sense of gratitude and joy. Your monetary amount is NEVER too little or too much. If giving financially is a stretch for you, then start at a lower percentage and work your way up (to 10% or beyond). Many contributors have and will continue to exceed it.                              

How do you follow through and send updates after someone pledges?

The Pledge Program is a moral commitment of giving consciously, not a legal contract. We have staff members available to assist you and confirm your enrollment via our online Fellowship One management system as well in person.

Other ways we help you stay updated and informed:

• Track your giving anytime after enrollment via Fellowship One
• Bi-monthly SLCA E-Newsletters and Emails
• Service announcements
• Sunday Service inserts and flyers at our office
• Town Hall meetings
• Occasional unexpected gifts and thank yous
• Our official website at

How long does the pledge program last?

Recurring giving can go on indefinitely. Our intention is for our Pledge Program efforts to continue for generations to come.

How do I sign up?

Each individual or group who chooses to make a recurring pledge with us is required to enroll in our Fellowship One online system and/or sign a Pledge Form with the decision to pledge.

Completed pledge forms may be mailed to SLCA or emailed to

Signing Up with Fellowship One

image004To become a recurring pledger and member at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta, we are requiring all interested persons to join our online management system, Fellowship One. In this secure system, you will receive many benefits and opportunities to keep track of your own personal profile, directory and contributions to the Center.

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