1T2B8361The Spirit Badge Scholarship Curriculum is a component of the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta’s Teen Program. It is entirely optional as to whether or not a student chooses to pursue any Spirit Badges, and to what extent. The Spirit Badge Curriculum offers Teens chances to deepen their knowledge of Science of Mind and their own spirituality. One incentive which is offered is the chance to earn a scholarship from the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta towards college.


To earn a badge in any year, for the portion of that year the student participates they must meet the following requirements:

  • Attendance record of at least 51% at SLCA Sunday Teen Program sessions, and
  • Full participation at 51% of SLCA service opportunities during the year.

When a Teen is ready to earn a badge, they are to discuss their plan for earning the badge with the Teen Program Coordinator, prior to starting on the work. Once the plan has been reviewed and approved the Teen is to present it to their parent(s) for approval, so that everyone knows what is involved in earning the badge. When the work is complete, the parent(s) who signed off on the original submission will sign again, then it’s submitted to the Teen Program Coordinator, for final approval and credit. Please use the Spirit Badge Submission form for the approval signatures.
For more information. please send email to Karl Gustafson, R.Sc.P. at godaskarl@gmail.com