Sun Jan 24th – Savanna Riker Workshop

Savanna-Riker-Banner-for-WebThe Sacred Amidst the Shadow:
How Does the Darkness Serve Us?

Special Workshop with Rev. Savanna Riker

Wanting to explore what is holding you back from taking that next step, answering that inner call, or loving fiercely and passionately?

Darkness is a gift, the creative soil for healing and transformation. Through reflective process, meditation,movement, and dialogue, we will explore practical tools for navigating through the tough stuff, finding the sacred in the midst of difficulty, clearing the space for more joy and freedom. You will ultimately find that the power within you is greater than the power in the world.

Workshop Date/Time:
Sunday January 24th, 2016
Cost: $35
Location: Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

Savanna SOM mag

About Savanna:
Savanna Riker started her spiritual path at 16 years of age with Centers for Spiritual Living. She was a natural leader and pioneer in the youth movement for many years, speaking, facilitating workshops, and traveling the US and world about the importance and power of youth in the world. She has served on various youth leadership councils and committees for over 15 years, and has spoken at events in London, Vancouver, and Cairo. She has been actively involved with the TEMENOS Self-Realization Center in Ukraine as a speaker, young adult facilitator and guest teacher for the last 11 years. She lived in Egypt in 2012 during their revolution for 8 months, pursuing her passion for global ministry. Savanna recently received her masters in consciousness studies with Holmes Institute in Denver, Colorado and is currently the youngest minister in Centers for Spiritual Living. She is on the cover of the February 2015 edition of Science of Mind magazine and her article “The Sacred Amidst the Shadows” is featured. Her passion is to be a bridge amongst peoples of diverse cultures and religions globally, inspiring social change, tools for development, and the elevation of love consciousness on the planet.

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