Taming Your Inner Critic

Imagine the scene… You are out with your friends, and across the room you see the most gorgeous person ever. They look up, and your eyes meet for the most fleeting of moments, before you look away. Immediately your heart starts to pound, your belly is doing summersaults, and you can hardly breathe. And then…


The Challenge of Change: Are you the River or the Rock?

“LIFE IS A SERIES OF NATURAL AND SPONTANEOUS CHANGES. DON’T RESIST THEM; THAT ONLY CREATES SORROW. LET REALITY BE REALITY. LET THINGS FLOW NATURALLY FORWARD IN WHATEVER WAY THEY LIKE.” ~ Lao Tzu With the new year well under way, it’s interesting to see how many people are intentionally trying to initiate change in some area(s) their life while, at

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