How Overcome Your Fears and Find Your Freedom to Flourish

When you were a kid, do you remember being scared of the dark? Do you remember needing a night light or asking to keep the door to your bedroom open so the hall light would help keep the dark monsters away? In my case, it was the clothes monster. My sister and I shared bunk


Unnecessary Roadblocks

  I was telling my mother about two recent incidents that were both surprising and remarkable. A woman that I only knew through Facebook contacted me about my origami butterflies. She’d seen the butterflies at a party I attended where I gave them as a gift, and she loved them and wanted to know if


Is Your Fear Stopping You?

Being creative is a wonderful gift. Through your eyes your dreams come to life. You blend the colors. You choose the lighting. You mold and shape and breathe into your art until it has form and movement and is ready for the world. Being creative can also really suck the big one. You have to


How to Overcome the Fear of Mediocrity

There you go. That’s it – my greatest fear. I have a huge, hairy, unwieldy fear of mediocrity. While some may hear words like “lukewarm,” “average,” “okay,” and “mediocre” as solid and centered, I break out in hives. Yuck. Icky. Scary. It scares me to think of a milktoast life.  It’s why I love the

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