Are You Doing Your BEST Today?

 Several weeks ago I was asked to do a short presentation about the collaborative book F.A.I.T.H. – Finding Answers in the Heart. Following your heart was a given, then came the title “Trusting Your Inner GPS (Guidance Protective System).” I loved the title but I also wanted an acronym for people to use, something to


A Spiritual Approach to Dating

Dating….it can be one of the most exhilarating experiences,  or a nightmare! It is so much different in today’s world. We no longer need to go out to meet people. We can just sit home in our pj’s and surf the net. Facebook friends,  dating websites,  and match makers are right at your fingertips. I


The Beauty of Imperfection

All my life I’ve been a perfectionist. Things had to be just so. Folds with razor-sharp creases. Stacks of paper in perfect alignment. Food arranged with symmetry and precision. This affliction worsened as I aged. The more settled I was in my behaviors and attitudes and general life patterns, the more controlling I became. In


Taming Your Inner Critic

Imagine the scene… You are out with your friends, and across the room you see the most gorgeous person ever. They look up, and your eyes meet for the most fleeting of moments, before you look away. Immediately your heart starts to pound, your belly is doing summersaults, and you can hardly breathe. And then…


In “Selfie” Defense

Selfies: selfish or self-love? If you are remotely in touch with pop culture, you have heard of, seen and maybe even snapped a few “selfies.”  With the advent of smart phones with front cameras, selfie sticks, etc., selfies are very much a part of our daily lives. I recently read an article which was very


How to Find Unconditional Love

Recently a client asked the question, what do I do now that my partner has left me?  She left me with all these great ideas and experiences of love and without warning she just decided that she no longer wants to be in our relationship.  I handed my client a mirror and said you give

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