Unnecessary Roadblocks

  I was telling my mother about two recent incidents that were both surprising and remarkable. A woman that I only knew through Facebook contacted me about my origami butterflies. She’d seen the butterflies at a party I attended where I gave them as a gift, and she loved them and wanted to know if


Are You Doing Your BEST Today?

 Several weeks ago I was asked to do a short presentation about the collaborative book F.A.I.T.H. – Finding Answers in the Heart. Following your heart was a given, then came the title “Trusting Your Inner GPS (Guidance Protective System).” I loved the title but I also wanted an acronym for people to use, something to


Taming Your Inner Critic

Imagine the scene… You are out with your friends, and across the room you see the most gorgeous person ever. They look up, and your eyes meet for the most fleeting of moments, before you look away. Immediately your heart starts to pound, your belly is doing summersaults, and you can hardly breathe. And then…


The Three Most Important Words for Success

Do you feel stuck, or like the “pause” button of your life is pushed, and you don’t know how to get moving again?  There are three words that can help to not only get you moving again, but get you on the road to your greatest success. I recently participated in a radio interview publicity


Healing Through Parenting

My teen-age years were filled with emotional wounds and many are still just barely scabbed over. Looking back now, I know that I had many judgments and expectations about what I wanted from life, and perceptions of what actually happened as good or bad. I have the luxury of looking back with wisdom and see


A Spiritual Approach to Parenting

I was born to be a “mommy.” From my very first memories,  I was in love with the idea of nurturing little ones. Little did I know that I would take on that role at the tender age of 15. Becoming a parent while still growing up myself proved to be a bit challenging. But within


How to Tune Into Your Inner Voice

  It was January, 2008 when I heard that inner voice say, “just trust me on this”; I didn’t understand why, but I knew I had to trust this voice. I was clearing emails out of my inbox when I came across one that I was about to delete until I heard,  “do not delete


How to Overcome the Fear of Mediocrity

There you go. That’s it – my greatest fear. I have a huge, hairy, unwieldy fear of mediocrity. While some may hear words like “lukewarm,” “average,” “okay,” and “mediocre” as solid and centered, I break out in hives. Yuck. Icky. Scary. It scares me to think of a milktoast life.  It’s why I love the


The Power of Your Thoughts

It has been said that our thoughts are creative and that our thoughts shape our beliefs.  More aptly our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our beliefs, our beliefs create our actions, and our actions create our results. So, where do our thoughts come from? They come from the file cabinets of our minds


How to Feel Empowered as a Woman

WOMEN! YOU ARE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD Let me start by saying that we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are here to shine and bring our gifts, full throttle, to the world. I believe that every woman has come onto this planet as a unique and

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