What Our Attendees Think of Us

This is where I seek spiritual feeding and guidance on my relationships in my journey with life. Those relationships consist of God, myself, and others. It continues to be a learning experience and I am growing thanks to SLC. I am grateful.

– Donald Moye

What a wonderful community!! I cannot say enough about how much I love SLCA. The heartfelt and beautiful insights from Rev. David, the powerful and energetic music team and choir, the dedicated & funny staff (David Aurilio!!) and the warm, loving and welcoming community as a whole are unmatched from my experience. I fall more in love with every visit!!! Do yourself a favor and check this place out!!!

– Lindsay B. McIntosh

This is a place of community. Everyone reaches out with love and without judgment. I LOVE THIS CENTER!:)

– Peni Shellman

Things I have learned from SLCA: Hang out with other Change Agents. Seva (selfless service) powerfully and beautifully transforms me. Love is limitless and feels yummy. I am a Divine expression of God as are you. May our new home be a testament that you can be, do and have anything that you consciously choose.

– Karen Ratts

It was probably one of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had. We had attended church for years and through a series of events decided that we could no longer go down that road. However, after listening to your teaching yesterday we are quite excited to come back and learn more. I have been reading your blog last night and this morning and I can’t even describe how I feel right now. I am so grateful. We have 4 children, 17, 19, 21, & 25. Our 17 year old son was in a horrific car accident last December. His best friend driving him home from school was driving too fast in the rain and lost control of the vehicle. The car was cut in half and miraculously our son Joel, survived. He has post concussive syndrome and it hasn’t been an easy road but we’re getting better day by day. We told our kids about our visit yesterday and they are all receptive to coming with us on Sunday, especially our older two. I know you won’t be there but we’re coming anyway.Thanks so much!

– Mary Knost

Live stream Viewer Testimonials

Your livestream saves my life – makes me feel connected. Never take for granted what you have.

– J Santos

This morning after watching the service I was inspired. I spent all of the months of December and January mostly in the house, not able to move much. I found myself being fed spiritually by the Atlanta center. During that time my beloved car bit the dust. I got to experience manifesting a new ride simply through mind from my sofa. I can not express enough how profoundly grateful I am for the live stream of the services. Your talks and the wonderful music. In response to this mornings service, I found my new cars name. Carmin. Which in Spanish is another word for lipstick. I will be making a set monthly donation from here on out. All be it small. It all adds up. Having once served on an SOM board that was locked in a room for many hours, I know, I know there is a solution at hand. That center still functions and serves the community many years later as a result of that lengthy meeting “I am the unit around which my good swings.” And you guys swing. Adelante mi amigo.

– William Trey Wright

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