Blessing as Gratitude

This month we begin our exploration of the seventh of the 10 prophetic justice principles by Rev. James Forbes (which you can find here)

#7 says Respect Other Nations and Peoples, and the spiritual principle that we are focusing on this month is Gratitude.  Our book of the month is The Gentle Art of Blessing

On Sunday August 11,  I talked about the energy of Blessings as Gratitude (you can find the link to the video here)

Our book, the Gentle Art of Blessing is a powerful little book that reminds us of how significant the energy of blessings have been for all of human history. Think about it, every culture, every tribe, in every age – has some recorded history about the procedure and significant of what a blessing is. Food, worship, birth, death, sporting events, from sunrise to sunset our lives are marked by the activity of blessings. We print it on our money and we hold sacred the rituals of blessings.

Throughout human history people have been after blessings, often seeking them outside of ourselves. We have to procure a blessing from a sanctified source so it seems. There are those who are in charge of dispensing blessings to us, or sometimes, we say, the blessing comes straight from God or Spirit.

Growing up in a spiritual practice that honors our divinity from the onset and our oneness with the allness of God, I’ve observed a terrible habit we have as humans: the outsourcing of our Good. We do it all the time in so many ways!

And our history with the power of Blessings reveals this.

I referenced on Sunday how, in the Torah scriptures there is a story about Jacob and his brother Esau.  Jacob wrestled with the angel (an aspect of his own mind) and would not let go until he was blessed by the angel.  Jacob spends much of his life going through extraordinary effort to receive a blessing – that he thinks is outside of him and that he needs to cheat his way into. The angel touches Jacob on the hip and from then on Jacob walks with a limp.

Louise Hay tells us that hip pain is about carrying burdens that we don’t need to. The Burden Jacob was carrying was the belief that he needed to manipulate the world around him in order to be blessed in the first place!

But what if we could change that? What if we could turn blessings inside out – no longer something we were seeking – but rather something that we are dispensing!

The truth is, every time we say Thank You or express gratitude – we are extending a Blessing to the world around us. And because what we express influences what we see and experience – expressing blessings generates more blessings in our life.

How and who can you be a blessing to today?


Keep practicing my friends…

 – Rev. Dr. David Alexander

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