10 Practices for a Stress Free Lifestyle


The New Year, which is meant to be a joyous time of celebration, can sometimes seem quite stressful with the busyness of holiday activities. I am offering these helpful practices so that you can rejoice in a peaceful and harmonious New Year and beyond!

By definition, stress refers to the mental, emotional, or physical strain or tension that human beings experience during the course of life. Many people develop strategies for coping with or managing stress to keep it under control – not realizing that it is possible to cultivate a lifestyle that is largely stress free by implementing a few simple changes. In the Eastern Wisdom Teachings, the number “10” is the number of Fortune, representing a change in fortune for the better. These 10 Practices are designed to change your Fortune for the better around stress so that you can say goodbye to stress and hello to harmony!


  1. Meditate: Establishing a regular mediation practice breaks habitual thinking patterns that result in stress. In meditation, regularity is the key to dissipating the momentum of the mind. Five minutes each day is better than 1 hour twice per week. Meditate regularly!
  2. Set a Daily Intention: Our intent determines everything. Each morning before you begin your day, intend to have a joyous, effortless balanced day. Do this before you get out of bed. Establishing your intention to have a stress-free day will result in a balanced life experience.
  3. Declare: Declare to the Universe using the Power of the Spoken Word that your life is harmonious. Our words birth worlds into existence. Create the world you want to live in: “My life is easy and effortless. I experience life as a Divine, consistent harmonious flow in perfect balance.”
  4. Manage Media Input: Manage your intake of mass media. Mass media in the United States has a propensity to be fear-based. Mass media in general has a tendency to lower our vibration into the level of mass consciousness. Limit what you take into your consciousness, remembering the Axiom, “Garbage In – Garbage Out.” Avoid watching TV in bed. Watching TV in bed or falling asleep with the TV on stimulates the mind and energizes thoughts that are inconsistent with rest and relaxation.
  5. Eat Meals At Regular Times: Eat meals at regular times. Our digestive system works best when it is in a consistent rhythm. Much of our body’s energy is devoted to digestion, and when our digestion is out of sync, so are we. Eating regularly allows us to direct less energy towards digestion, and more energy into the things we enjoy in life.
  6. Create Time for Yourself: Create time during the week that you spend alone with yourself. Many of us spend so much time caring for others, that we rarely enjoy our own company. Have a “date” with yourself. Take yourself to the movies, to the spa, to a nice lunch, shopping or to the museum. Enjoy doing something you love for the fun of it!
  7. Keep Good Company: Keep company with people that you enjoy. The company we keep strongly affects our vibration and our vibrations attract our experiences. Surround yourself with people whose hopes, dreams, ideals and lives are in alignment with yours.
  8. Read a Good Book: Read books that inspire you and fill your consciousness with uplifting and expanding ideas. A mind once expanded never contracts to the same limited patterns.
  9. Reduce or Eliminate Stimulants: Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and sugar are powerful toxins that artificially stimulate our nervous systems and contribute significantly to increased stress levels. Reducing or eliminating stimulants from your diet will assist you in remaining stress free.
  10. Perform a Random Act of Kindness: Do something wonderful for someone in your life. Performing random acts of kindness opens our hearts and connects us with the Universe in a more powerful way. It takes the focus off of “me” and puts it on “WE”. Through random acts of kindness, we begin to develop a greater sense of Self and move towards experiencing Oneness.

By implementing these 10 simple practices, you will be well on your way to consistently living a more stress-free, harmonious heart-centered existence. Keep a journal and notice what happens in your life as you incorporate these simple practices. As you experience shifts in your own life, share these tips with those around you. Together, we will create a more harmonious world in which to live.


Munishwarji - Lorikay - Square B&W CroppedMunishwarji is a Messenger of Love and Teacher of Holy Mysteries. He is the author of The Secret Garden: Initiations in the Sanctuary of the Heart published by GatherInsight and the creator of the Aura Reading Home Study Course. His inspirational personal development programs assist people in living vibrant and joyous lives in full expression of their spiritual magnificence. For more information about Munishwarji and to download his free gift to you of 4 guided healing meditations, visit www.munishwarji.com.

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