20 Steps to Becoming a Master of Your Craft and Life


What comes to mind when you think of the word Mastery?  

Webster’s defines mastery as:  knowledge and skill that allows you to do, use, or understand something very well, or the complete control of something.

The human of us tends to and likes to believe that we are in control. We like to feel that we know exactly how things should be done for ourselves – and especially for others.

Some of us are control freaks; our friends know it, and our families are drained by it – all while we completely deny it. Then there are some that feel they have no control over anything – and that life is chaotic.

Which one are you?

It is one thing to be controlling – but it is a whole other vibration to be a Master over something in your life.

Most of us like to consider ourselves to be open- minded, open-hearted, and are seekers and finders of spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

If you are not any of those things, you are invited to attempt to be. Just begin with an open-heart and an open-mind to see if anything speaks to your soul.

Spirituality is a mind-set: it is a way of life and not necessarily a religious thing. Yes, you can pray the rosary and be spiritual or you can speak in tongues if that strikes your fancy, or you can even channel spirit guides and all that. However, none of it has to be attached to a denomination, or dogma for one to express and practice being spiritual.

Once you and I are open and receptive to being teachable, being willing to see and think outside the boxes we have placed ourselves in, it is then we have the ability to become more than we have been.

If you are good at something – and that something, that goodness empowers other people, educates others – you are on the path to becoming a master teacher.

Real masters don’t have to tell the world that they are a master of anything. They don’t have to toot their own horns and dance up and down to get people to notice who they are. People see us more for what we are and how we show up – than what we tell them we are. 

Did you know that?

The journey begins with desire; let us consider how to journey into the experience of mastery.

Here’s how to begin you journey to spiritual mastery:

1. Become clear on what you believe and don’t believe – about God, about life,  and your connection to both. 

2. Examine your current situation of living: are you happy, are you together,  or are you a hot mess?

3. Ask yourself questions about who you are: how you feel,  how you see the world?  And be honest! Journal it and review it!

4. Create or participate in some form of spiritual practice that brings you a sense of inner peace and serenity. Yoga, meditation and prayer, walking the beach at sunset or sunrise.

5. Practice  forgiveness daily beginning with yourself and extending it to others.

6. Begin to cease all judgments of self and others.This takes continued practice and mindfulness. 

7.  Ask yourself what you and why you feel– why you think the way you think. -And then ask – am I willing to do things differently?

8. Clean up any unfinished business in your experience. Make amends!

9. Monitor how you are showing in life: Are you obnoxious, rude, and annoying? Be honest.

10.  Pay attention to your inner and outer world continuously. What is this about? What lesson is in this for me?

 11. Ask yourself: Are you a nice person?

 12. Are you a person of honor and integrity? 

13. Become clear on your intentions for everything you do and say. 

 14. Are you a giver or a taker in life? Are you always asking “what can I give?” or are you more of the type who asks “What can I get?”

15. Speak your Truth: No one can read your mind! Speak up – express yourself kindly, –clearly, and authentically!

16. Be mindful of your words: Words have power! Think – then rethink – before you speak!

17. Be mindful of your opinions and your thoughts about life – about others and yourself.

18. Stay focused on living your life passionately Do what feeds your spirit and you will do it well.

19. Stop doing things and being with people that bring you down or drain you.

20. Engage with other like-minded individuals who are spiritually aware.


The road to awakening and true Mastery is one that takes passion and commitment. One must simply be willing to be transformed at depth. And so it is.


Jamie SandersJamie Sanders is a New Thought minister ordained through the Barbara King School of Ministry and Unity Worldwide. He is an active speaker and presenter widely known for his humor, candor and direct approach for presenting New Thought principles around the country and abroad. He has been the producer and host of his own television show and is currently the host of Spirituality Today with Jamie Sanders and Cindy Lippert, an online radio show with listenership from around the world. He has served as a Trustee on the Board for Unity Worldwide Ministries and is on the Policy Team for Unity’s Field Licensing Program, as well as serving as a Mentor to Unity Truth students. He is passionate about his life, his spiritual journey and those he loves. Jamie is now serving on our Board for the International New Thought Alliance.  You can contact Jamie at www.unitypns.org

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