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YOUR SLCA BOARD serves everyone in the SLCA COMMUNITY-


The SLCA Board appreciates conversation, questions and suggestions from our community members. Please feel free to reach out to the SLCA Board of Trustees in any of the following ways:

 Email: This email is checked daily Monday through Friday by a Board member so your inquiry will be promptly replied to.

 Formal Presentations: to present proposals or questions which may require official Board action, please plan to meet with the Board’s Executive Committee the second Wed. of any month at 4:30 pm, prior to the regular Board monthly meeting. If you would like to get on the schedule for this process, please contact David Aurilio at least two weeks in advance so this can be appropriately arranged.

 By Phone or personal email: to any of your Board Members. Contact information for all Board members is listed on this webpage. If you prefer to reach out to a SLCA Board member individually, please feel free to do so.

 Every Sunday after services: a Board member stands with Rev. Ault as congregants depart. Please allow us the opportunity to greet you at this time and introduce ourselves.

THE ROLE of YOUR SLCA Board of Trustees

YOUR SLCA Board of Trustees directs and oversees the legal and financial stewardship of our dynamic spiritual community in a manner consistent with applicable law and the bylaws of both SLCA and Centers for Spiritual Living.

YOUR Board operates as a governing body, with overall responsibility for SLCA’s sustainability, while serving to promote and expand our mission: To reawaken all to their spiritual magnificence!
The Board does not manage day-to-day operations of the SLCA, but supports our Senior Minister and Executive Director in their capacity as our management leaders.
Board decisions are grounded by SLCA’s two primary goals:

GOAL ONE (Community): Be a dynamic spiritual home providing progressive services and education to advance one’s practical application of mental science principles.

Goal TWO (Outreach): Be an expansive spiritual resource to elevate all to a higher quality of living.

Our community’s core values of gratitude, love, service, inclusion, divine truths and prosperity guide Board’s actions in its implementation of these goals.
YOUR BOARD welcomes and encourages input and ideas from individual members and groups. We have established guidelines for meeting with community members, provided that what is to be presented is in alignment with our mission and goals. The Board will not consider or endorse proposals that expose our community to solicitation, or which tend to treat our members primarily as a pool of consumers, without substantially contributing to our guiding principles outlined herein.

YOUR BOARD does recognize the importance of networking and communicating business proposals with like minded others. SLCA’s community bulletin board is the place to advance these ends.

THANK YOU for your continued support and dedication to SLCA!

THANK YOU for joining with us in service as we fulfill SLCA’s exciting mission of reawakening all souls to their inherent Spiritual Magnificence!!


With sincere gratitude,

Your SLCA Board of Trustees

Board Members

Vera Carter
Vera Carter, Secretary, 2015-2018

Niel Dawson
Niel Dawson, President, 2015-2018

Joe Labriola
Joe Labriola, 2017-2020

Donna McCauley
Donna McCauley, Treasurer, 2017-2020

Dana Robinson, 2017-2020

Stacey Ruth, 2017-2020

Tom Woodward, Vice President, 2015-2018

Board Updates

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