Proposed By-Laws Changes

Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta
Summary of Proposed By-Laws Changes
January 11, 2015

• Throughout – Replaced references to Religious Science International (RSI) with Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL)

• Article I – Preamble

o Deleted vague and unenforceable reference to RSI, civil laws and local conditions

• Article III – Purpose

o Reworded for consistency with current Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta (SLCA) mission

• Article IV – Members

o Revised definition of a member; reworded description of duties and privileges of a member

• Article V – Board of Trustees

o Added Executive Director as non-voting Board member
o Made Senior Minister non-voting Board member
o Added Board member responsibilities to by-laws
o Added 3-year waiting period before a Board member can be considered for another term
o Removed provisions for investigative panel in cases of a removed Board member

• Article VI – Meetings of the Board of Trustees

o Require Board members to abstain from voting on matters that create a conflict of interest

• Article VII – Powers and Duties of the Board of Trustees

o Reworded section on propaganda and political campaigns

• Article VIII – Officers’ Authorities and Duties

o Require Treasurer and Secretary to be Board members
o Added discretionary position of President-Elect

• Article IX – Committees

o Deleted provisions for Executive Committee
o Made Finance Committee optional
o Specified make-up of Nominations Committee

• Article X – The Office of the Minister

• Article XI – The Office of the Executive Director

• Article XII – Church Meetings

• Article XIII – Church Finances

• Article XIV – Conflict of Interest

• Article XV – Amendments

o Changed viewing period for proposed amendments from 21 days to 14 days
o Eliminated reference to original charter and by-laws

• Article XVI – Corporate Seal

o Deleted this article

• Article XVII – Dissolution

• Article XVIII – Indemnification

o Removed reference of indemnification of RSI by SLCA


These proposed by-laws will be submitted to the SLCA membership for approval at the Annual Meeting, to be held at SLCA on Sunday, February 8th, 2015, after second service. To see a copy of the current by-laws, please contact the church office. These proposed by-laws have concurrently been presented to the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) for their review and approval.

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