What is the Change Cycle?

Wednesdays from 12 pm – 1 pm
June 5 – June 26, 2019

(no one turned away for lack of funds)

We will study the change process using the Change Cycle ™ model exploring how we can navigate unknown territory in a more conscious way.  Through increased awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors during periods of change, we can choose to move forward in alignment with spiritual principles. Understanding the predictable nature of our human journey through change – loss, doubt, discomfort, discovery, understanding, and integration will allow us to travel unknown territory grounded in spiritual principles. We will learn to trust that a sense of security and peace come from our embodiment of spiritual principles not in trying to control our everyday lives.



Meet Your Instructor: LORRI PALKO

Lorri’s career has provided her with opportunities to serve in leadership positions in both business and education. In these positions, Lorri has been a coach and mentor, a builder of team culture, and a good steward of financial resources.

Lorri’s Business Career

Lorri’s career began in the mid 1980’s as a young executive for the Morgan Corporation in Pennsylvania. The Morgan Corporation was a leading truck body manufacturer in the country with eight locations, annual sales of more than $200 million and more than 1,000 employees. Lorri eventually served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Morgan, and during her tenure she developed a servant-based leadership philosophy focused on providing excellent customer service and value, instilling a growth mindset, and aligning all resources with the mission of the company.

Later, Lorri moved to Atlanta to become President of Dorsey Trailers where she led a turnaround of the struggling truck-trailer manufacturer going from a $10 million operating loss to a small operating profit within two years.

The Transition to Education

Lorri left the corporate world in 2001. She explained, “I became disenchanted by the fact that business’ primary goal appeared to only be profitability for owners and shareholders. While not opposed to making money, I believe business goals need to include all stakeholders and create a balance between meeting short-term financial goals and ensuring long-term financial sustainability and investment back into the resources of the organization.”

In 2001, Lorri joined the Atlanta Girls’ School as a teacher. She spent seven years in the classroom following her life-long passion for teaching and learning. School administrators witnessed her leadership skills and eventually asked her to serve as Associate Head of School. After working as a school administrator, Lorri took on the role of Chief Financial Officer of One Schoolhouse, a consortium of schools offering online educational resources for schools and students across the country.

Walking the Walk

While serving as the Chief Financial Officer of One Schoolhouse, Lorri started her coaching and consulting business, Love Money Purpose.

The security and gratitude she felt from her successful career battled against her desire for personal fulfillment and freedom. This inner talk resulted in a new awareness about her career path. She realized she needed to “walk the walk.”

“Until I accepted and embraced the vision I hold for others – that you can have both purpose and prosperity – I knew I would not fulfill my own purpose,” Lorri said.

Naturally, when one comes to such a realization, action must follow. Lorri’s longing to personally grow and expand opportunities to serve provided the courage she needed to act. In the summer of 2017 she resigned as the CFO of One Schoolhouse to step fully into Love Money Purpose.

“My commitment to everyone I serve and to myself is to instill an unwavering belief in unlimited possibilities,” Lorri said as she launched Love Money Purpose.