The Practice Of Truth

The Practice Of Truth

Facilitators: Jesse Powers and Dana Robinson
Date: Sunday, March 29, 2020
Time: 12:30pm-2:30pm

Potential benefits of this workshop are:
• Strengthen community
• Build intimacy
• Create connection
• Lessen anxiety

Clear your mind to make room for even more good to be manifested in your life!
Do you have difficulty saying what you really mean? Do you still find yourself telling little white lies, or maybe even great, big ones?

Telling the truth contributes to a more peaceful mind, deeper connections, stronger communities, and a more spacious life through which even more wonderful manifestations may flow.

Come explore the connection and peace that is possible when you start telling more of your truth! Through meditation, speaking, and group activities, participants will learn to liberate their voice and express their truth clearly. They will cultivate a deeper self-love by practicing presence in the face of fear and discomfort and expressing from a place of courage.  Come practice finding and speaking your truth and cultivate a more powerful YOU!

Meet Your Instructor:  Jesse Powers

Jesse Powers is a self-proclaimed “Joy Reminder-er) and conscious indie pop musician in Columbus, OH
With her tumbling vocal stylings, powerhouse melodies, and infectious energy, Jesse seeks to captivate, awaken, and entertain those who listen. Her raw and poignant lyricism blended with straightforward guitar work create a musical skydiving experience—a long lyrical jump into the depths of the human heart softened by a parachute of undemanding instrumentation. Wasting no time, her perceptive and penetrating songs fly straight to the soul. Her debut album “Begin” was released in November, 2017. Her second full-length album is set to release in Spring 2020

Meet Your Instructor:  Dana Robinson

Dana Robinson, EdS, LPC, MAC, NCC, CPCS

Dana Robinson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Master Addiction Counselor, and Intuitive Reader who enjoys blessing others by using her gifts.

Dana has a background in psychology, counseling, spirituality, and metaphysical studies. She has worked in the mental health field for over a decade. She also has facilitated workshops and spoken publicly about various topics such as personal development, spiritual activism, and leadership. She has spoken at the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta, Unity North, CSL West Georgia, Pecha Kucha Atlanta, and Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore, just to name a few places.
Dana describes herself as “a catalyst, an agent of healing, and a vessel of Universal Love.” Her goal is to positively impact as many lives as she can in order to create a harmonious, loving, and thriving world for all.

Dana has a company called Metaphysical Freedom, LLC and she currently works in a private psychotherapy practice doing individual and couples therapy in the Atlanta Metro area.

Here’s her website: