The Scientific Art of Prayer

The Scientific Art Of Prayer

Facilitator: Eugene Holden, RScP

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Scientific Prayer is one of the most powerful spiritual tools have at our disposal. The purpose of this course is to gain a deeper understanding of the creative power behind the Science and Art of Prayer.

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Meet Your Instructor:  Eugene Holden, RScP

Eugene Dale Holden has been a student of New Thought and Science of Mind and Spirit for over 35 years. He has been a licensed Religious Science Practitioner for 18 years. Eugene holds a 9th Degree Black Belt in the Chinese Martial Arts. His training included the study of Taoism and Buddhism.

For ten years Eugene served the World Ministry of Prayer at the Center for Spiritual Living Home Office. He also served as Home Office liaison to the Diversity and Inclusion Commission, serving as trainer and facilitator. After 16 years, Eugene continues to be a well-loved contributor to the Science of Mind Magazine, inspiring lives around the world. Eugene has been described as a masterful teacher drawing out the best in all those who take his classes. He is also a dynamic speaker, Practitioner, and percussionist.

It is Eugene’s vision to educate and bring people of all races, cultures, and backgrounds together for the purpose of healing the wounds of separation that keep us from seeing our common unity in our unique diversity.

Eugene allows vision to guide him. It is prayer that fuels him. Eugene is deeply committed to his purpose of joyfully assisting others in remembering who and what they truly are: Divine Beings of Light. Eugene believes that together we can reveal the kingdom of Heaven right here on Earth. What is Heaven? Heaven is ever-expanding good, right now.