Consider Liberated Pathways to a New Way of Being

Dr. David Ault

Cycling round and round and getting nowhere. This is what life consists of for many in our world. There is a saying ‘if they knew better, they’d do better’ but I don’t find that to be an accurate sentiment. I believe many of us know better but our addictions to creature comforts and fear of change prevent us from embracing an alchemical transformation of self from something perceived to be limited and oppressed to someone liberated and powerful beyond measure.

September’s theme is titled Consider This.  Each week you will be given liberated pathways to ‘consider’ as your golden ticket to entering into a new way of being. But that entrance has requirements. First, we are to establish roots of knowing so powerful that no earthly effect can ‘uproot’ or disturb our transformation. With such groundedness, everything we see and experience is essentially working for our good if we consciously cooperate with it.

Other factors that guarantee our liberation are:

The acceptance of our emotional needs. These needs are not others responsibility to figure out or fulfill. They are personal requirements to learn to seek out what feeds us intellectually, spiritually, physically and yes, emotionally since they all play together. I must be responsible to feed my inspiration as well as realize that inspiration is all around me.

Living from vulnerability. I must relearn what a true commitment to self is. This encompasses implementing boundaries, recommitting to my transformation, establishing daily intentions and valuing my self-care as a non-negotiable.

Re-evaluation of all my relationships. Removing myself from those whose existence thrives on gossip. Choosing to be with those whose lives reflect transformation, respect and advancing energy.

Facing fears.  To face our fears is to dissolve our fears. We must become willing to name them, call them out and address them head on instead of burying our heads in sands of avoidance.

Any of us can have a breakthrough this September. Begin by considering this as your possibility and begin altering your thoughts and actions with the steps above.

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