Creating Healthy, Fertile Thoughts


The struggle to conceive can cause an emotional roller coaster while leaving some feeling less than whole. Being diagnosed as “Infertile” is a devastating label.

As adults, we expect to become pregnant when we are “ready”. I personally was not prepared for multiple miscarriages or news that “my body wasn’t capable of pregnancy,” something I desperately wanted. At 39, approaching the end of a nine-year fertility struggle, I was childless and broke after spending $36K on failed fertility attempts. Unable to get out of bed without knowing where I was in my fertility cycle, or out in public without the reminder of not being a parent, I was feeling exhausted, depressed and let down. Fertility stats defined my life on a daily basis and something had to change. I either had to stop my pursuit and move on or change how I would move forward.

Trust the path you’re meant to be on, and embrace it. Our thoughts contribute to our pain. We can choose to process them as positive, healing emotions or not. Consciously creating space and honoring the process allows for true healing and shift to occur. Fertility is expansive when it comes from the heart rather than the head.

Consider refining your path to parenthood. It takes courage to go inward. Spiritual growth and mind/body work provides strength, healing and tools along the journey. Be open to allowing your perception of parenting to shift. Focus on the whole person you are meant to be, remove any labels and the rest will reveal itself one day at a time.

DanamarieDanamarie DeRiggi, LMT is a Fertility Massage Specialist and Reiki Practitioner in Atlanta, GA, dedicated to helping couples reconnect with their own innate balance and fertile wisdom. She is finally a mother in her forties and passionate about helping others where ever they are on their fertility journey. For more information about how to embrace this process, contact Danamarie at: or visit

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