What we freely give to life

returns to us, multiplied abundantly

Thank you for supporting the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta.
We are funded solely through your donations. You help us to sustain monthly operations and financial obligations while growing our community with an increased and reliable stream of income. With absolute gratitude, we affirm, so it is!

One Time Payment

Donate by Mail:

Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta
3107 Clairmont Road, Suite A
Atlanta, GA

Phone: 404-417-0008 x109

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Text a Donation

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To donate by text:

Text the amount you would like to give to your text-to-give number (e.g. $50).

If you have donated by text before, you will receive a text in response confirming that your gift has been received successfully and you are done.

If it’s the first time you are donating by text, you will be sent a message that says, “It looks like you are a new giver; to begin: (link will be provided).

The link provided will be a link to the church’s online giving page.

Clicking on the link you will be asked to supply your payment method (credit card, debit card, or bank account).

This payment source will then be linked with your phone number so that, in the future, all you will need to do is text in the amount. (You will not need to re-enter your payment information.)

If you didn’t specify a fund by keyword, donations will automatically go to the default fund in Breeze. Example giving by keyword: $50 General Fund, Holy Shift, Lunch & Learn, Course in Miracles Note: You can only give to one fund at a time.