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This week as we experienced the time change and cooler weather, it reminded me that the majesty and magic of autumn is in full swing! As I looked out my window upon the vast landscape, I felt a wonderful connection with the beauty of autumn – appreciating the glory of the multi-colored universe of trees beneath a bright blue sky stretching as far as the eye can see. I sensed the forces of Nature at work deep inside the living biosphere preparing to withdraw its life force energy into its core preparing for a peaceful winter period of hibernation.

I was reminded of the words of the great Sufi Master, Hazrat Inayat Khan, who said, “There is one holy book; the sacred manuscript of nature, the only Scripture that can enlighten the reader.” In other words, one of the best ways to understand more about ourselves is to observe the world around us. Communing with the beauty of the autumn landscape reminded me that human beings, too, are served periodically by embracing periods of rest – periods of going within to connect with our Inner Self so that our lives blossom into a glorious Flowering of Consciousness.

I’ve observed that in our externally-focused Western society, that most human beings believe that creation comes through “doing.” It is my experience that our greatest potential for creation arises out of “Being” rather than “doing.” Masters like Lord Jesus, the Buddha, Lord Krishna and many others accomplished their Greatest Works through Mere Presence – through their Beingness alone. Their Beingness was so magnanimous that a simple glance or touch was enough to facilitate healing and transformation of others.

I’m not saying that we can simply kick back and become couch potatoes, as each of these Great Masters took significant action that changed the face of the world.  The actions they took, however, were Inspired Actions that arose out of their Beingness.  In short, they each remained in Constant Communion with their True Nature – the Absolute within their own Hearts – as they moved forward in loving service to the world.

We, too, have the capacity to take Inspired Action that arises out of Being. In order to do so, we begin by setting aside time to nurture and nourish ourselves with the Light of Spirit – giving ourselves freedom to simply BE! Here are some simple ways you can begin living from the state of Being:

  1. Begin each day with a short period of silent meditation. Even 5 minutes is sufficient. Simply focus on your breath, watching every inhalation and exhalation. If your mind wanders, simply bring it back to your breath. Beginning your day from the state of Being allows you to take Inspired Action guided by your Connection with Spirit.
  2. As you go about your day, notice when you feel out of balance. Stop to take a few breaths – bringing your awareness back into the Present Moment and to your Connection with Spirit.
  3. Before you go to bed in the evening, end your day with another short period of silent meditation. Ending your day in stillness allows you to let go of any energies, worries and cares of the day in order to deeply rest – ending the day as you began – in Communion with Source.

I invite you to embrace these practices and notice how your life changes for the better, becoming easier and more effortless, as you live life in greater awareness of your Connection with Source.


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 Munishwarji is a Messenger of Love and Teacher of Holy Mysteries. He is the author of The Secret Garden: Initiations in the Sanctuary of the Heart published by GatherInsight and the creator of the Aura Reading Home Study Course. His inspirational personal development programs assist people in living vibrant and joyous lives in full expression of their spiritual magnificence. For more information about Munishwarji and to download his free gift to you of 4 guided healing meditations, visit www.munishwarji.com.

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