April is Limb Loss Awareness Month

Did you know that over 2.7 million people in the US live with limb loss or limb difference? 
Belonging is so very important in our community. Here are some ways we can assist those that have experienced limb loss or other physical challenges to feel that sense of belonging at SLCA.
1. When speaking to a person in a wheelchair speak at their eye level if possible.
2. Never lean on a person’s wheelchair or use it as a support when engaging them.
3. Allow everyone the dignity to choose what kind of help they need, especially someone with a physical challenge.
4. Get to know someone before you ask them about their disability.
5 Allow people that are navigating with supportive equipment a little more time and space.
6 A person in a wheelchair cannot see you if you are behind them. Let them know you are there.
7. It is okay to acknowledge how well someone is doing navigating life with a special challenge. It allows them to feel good about their accomplishments.

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