How to Feel Empowered as a Woman



Let me start by saying that we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are here to shine and bring our gifts, full throttle, to the world. I believe that every woman has come onto this planet as a unique and precious treasure. We are jewels of the universe that cannot be duplicated.  We are the healers, teachers, nurturers and guides designed to bring love and compassion to the planet.  Encoded within us is a deep and powerful wisdom. An intuitive knowing that is precious and powerful. I believe that we are guiding lights for a new paradigm in this world.  I also believe that we are called to step into our full authority by being willing to do deep inner work and shift our consciousness and behaviors.

Let me add here, that I didn’t always believe this about women.  The truth is that I often saw being a woman as a curse subject to generations of subjugation and suppression.  It took me a long time to realize that being a woman, at this time, on the planet was an extraordinary gift. 

I grew up in a family of women who felt disempowered, overwhelmed and overworked. They believed that life is a struggle and expressed that belief in relationships; with family and friends, in their work environments, and in the way they dealt with health.  I remember thinking, as a child, that I couldn’t understand why these beautiful, bright women were so unhappy.  I vowed never to be like them.  AND then I went right out and created the same patterns.

Because there had been addiction, abuse and trauma in my childhood, I was only attracted to men who were addicts, treated me with no respect and abused me mentally, emotionally and physically.  I chose to stay in jobs that were toxic and had no sense of how to care for myself. I had no awareness that I was always at choice and that I was the one choosing to live this way. I was the common denominator. I was the one giving my power away so that I could be validated, loved, seen and heard.  I was the one, in every job, who would overwork so that I could get praise. I was the one who was not eating well or caring for my body so that I could be available to be the caretaker of those around me.  I put on a “happy” face but, in truth, I was sad and moved in an out of depression.

One day, I was sharing my story of “woe” when a woman suggested I go to this spiritual community and try to get a handle on my life. I was a little annoyed at her judgment of me but thought I would try anything to stop running in circles. I walked into a small community in Los Angeles and the minister said, “you are in charge of your life, you create your reality. The life that you are living is the life YOU created and you have within you the power to change it.”   Those words started me on a new path of expression, self-discovery and healing.

Today, I live a life that would be unimaginable to the women in my lineage.  I do what I love. I have a loving, conscious husband and my children are thriving.  I live in a beautiful home and am surrounded by family, friends and colleagues that are dedicated to living healthy and joyous lives.

I do not believe that I am different than any other woman. We all want to be loved, share our gifts and make a difference in this world.  What I do believe is that I have learned skills and tools that allow me to express my authenticity and power in every area of my life.  I have learned to stand for what I value and invite others to do the same.  I have learned that I have the capacity to change and support others in doing the same.  YOU have the same ability.  YOU are here to bring forth your inherent beauty and assist in creating the change you want to see in yourself and on this amazing planet.

Join me as we explore how to stand in our greatness, individually and collectively. We, the women of the world, are a powerful force for change.

Cynthia James HeadshotCynthia James, “A Champion for Change,”  is a transformational specialist guiding people as they make changes for lasting healing in their lives. As a speaker, coach, performing artist and multiple award winning author of What Will Set You Free and Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence, Cynthia has coached and supported thousands of people worldwide into vibrant living.


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