An Introduction to Symbolic Living



As we enter into 2015, we begin to review our lives, and make personal goals and commitments. I would like to contribute a thought around creating a Symbolic Life.  A symbol is defined as an expression or representation of a particular idea or quality.  Symbols help us to relate to an emotion, a feeling and/or a knowing.  It allows us to communicate a connection to the symbol’s representation.

When we think of living we must ask ourselves, do we just exist or are we truly living?   I like how author and blogger Steven Bloom makes the distinction; “In general, someone who exists feels as if everything is outside of their control while someone living knows they determine the path their life takes. “  So, when we talk about symbolic living we speak in terms co-creating a life from within that expresses the inward journey of reconnecting with our soul; our eternal spirit.  Our focused intention is to grow the inner qualities of Spirit such as compassion, wonder, creativity, love, joy and peace. This is what we mean we speak of living a purposeful life.

As I grow in the knowingness of my divine being, I am conscious of living a life of divine expression.  My morning begins with the recognition that God is in back of all of creation and that includes me.  My daily spiritual practice allows me to know, that I am Love, I am Peace, I am JOY!  Each day I acknowledge the Divine in all that I see and do.  All of my interactions are an expression of the Divine.

My career is making a difference in the lives of others.  I choose to see how my professional work is connected to my life’s purpose and the greater good of the organization I work for, and the lives of people that I touch.  I choose to make the connection, of the smallest activities/action(s) in all aspects of my life to the highest aspect and impact to my life; living as a part of humanity. I choose to be aware that I live a symbolic life.  I AM made in the image and likeness of the Divine; therefore; I am in gratitude for living a life of purpose. I am a symbol of the Divine, I am a representation of love, I am a representation of joy, I am a representation of peace.  My life is a Divine idea in the mind of Spirit. I am a symbol of God; therefore I live a symbolic life.   As a part of our life’s reflection let us ask ourselves what is our life a symbol of;  what are we expressing what do we want to represent?

Let’s move into 2015 with a personal symbol of the commitment to contribute a greater expression of the Divine in our lives.  Create your own personal symbol:

  1. Identify a Divine quality you would like to have a greater expression of
  2. Draw a symbol of that quality
  3. Draw a customized line or symbol that connects you to it.
  4. Use this symbol as a part of your daily spiritual practice; be it prayer and/or meditation.

Below are a couple of examples of ones that I created for myself.

The first symbol for me means: the vertical line of the cross for me represents the Divine coming into the earth.  The horizontal line represents this expression of the Divine expanding within me; the D being the 1st letter of my name and the Divine.

The second symbol for me is I am the center of Peace.

I affirm that 2015 will reveal a greater Symbolic Life of Love & Joy!

In Service To Love,

Detra Headshot 1Detra Johnson RScP

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