Creating an Empowered Life

This week I want to wrap up our month long series on Creativity by talking about living an empowered life.  (You can find the video of last Sunday’s service here)

All of the messages this month were inspired in part by the book of the month The Sun Does Shine by Anthony Ray Hinton and Laura Love Hardin (order your copy here)  It’s about a man, Anthony, who was wrongly convicted of a murder he did not commit, and who lived on Death Row for 30 year!  The book telegraphs the journey of consciousness he went on from Victim to Empowerment and ultimately, to Liberation, first in his mind and then in the world of form.

Inspiring stories like Anthony’s serve as reminders to us all that no matter our circumstances we can all find the inner strength to empower ourselves.  After all, if Anthony can do it, what is our excuse!

Yet here is where I want to divert away from the typical rah rah – inspirational – do it yourself empowerment message.  Don’t get me wrong, understanding the power of your word and mindset are transformational tools and should be taken seriously.  All that said, I think it is critically important that we understand our connection to the universe in which we live and how we can deepen our awareness of that connection to truly empower our lives.

To do this I’m going to use the story of Moses in the Bible as a template of our our conscious evolution.  The Bible is a manifestation of consciousness and therefore is filled with insights about laws of life, how our mind works and our interactions with the intelligence of the universe (aka God).  There are four aspects of Moses spiritual journey that I’m going to lift up to illustrate how we might live a more empowered life.


  1. Moses was drawn out (Exodus 2:10) – The name Moses means to be “drawn out” – because he was drawn out of the waters by Pharaoh’s daughter.

Lesson: you did not get here alone.  Somewhere along the way, someone has drawn you out of the waters, given you a hand up, hand out or helped you along in someway.  To live an empowered life – begin by recognizing the people who have helped you along the way.


2. Moses looked out.  In Exodus 2:11 – Moses looks out and sees his brethren being abused by an Egyptian.  The strange thing about this passage is that at the time – Moses would have identified culturally as an Egyptian – not an Israelite.  He was a Prince, raised in privilege, highly educated and favored, yet he saw the suffering of the “other” and identified himself with it. 

Lesson: you are not in this alone.  If your quest for an empowered life or liberated state of mind is solely about you, you’ll never get there.  You’re liberation must be about the “other” – because the power that makes your liberation possible is the One Power of the universe that connects you to all of humanity.  If you want to live an empowered life, stop living for yourself and start seeking to empower others. 


3. Moses was drawn up.  In Exodus   Moses, having previously fled from Egypt out of fear that he would be punished for defending the life of an Israelite, had become a sheep herder in the land of Midian  The metaphysical meaning of this land means a place of low thoughts, critical and judge mental thoughts.  In other words, Moses was, as a herder, occupied by tending to the flock of self-judgement when suddenly he was drawn away from his flock to a nearby mountain top, wherein he had his encounter with God.

Lesson: stop flocking around with low thoughts of self-judgement.  You must draw yourself away from the petty thoughts of not enough or why me etc. and rise higher to a place of stillness, connection and holy ground in which you commune with the God of your knowing.


4. Moses spoke up.  After his communion, God informs Moses that he / she / the wisdom of the universe – has heard the cried of the oppressed and is sending Moses to liberate them. Moses responds how any of us might, with trepidation and asking why me, and on what authority?  God says “tell them I am that I am has sent you”

Lesson: know your truth and speak it.  Rev. Ike was famous for saying, “Whatever you add unto I am, gets added unto you.” Our words have power and authority.  To live an empowered life you have to know the power that you use every time you speak.  So, speak your truth and speak it with authority because the wholeness of the universe has sent you here – to experience itself AS YOU.

Keep practicing my friends.

– Rev. Dr. David Alexander

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