Living in Choice

Last week we talked about how to create a new story (find the link to the blog entry here) and this week I want to talk about how to Live In Choice (click here for video of the Sunday message and service.)

“Any creation of Infinite Intelligence would have to be intelligent”

– Raymond Charles Barker

You are the byproduct of the infinite intelligence of the universe and as such are an agent of this intelligence.  Part of that intelligence that is moving through you is the freedom to choose your thoughts.  You are always at choice.  It may not always feel that way, but it is true and when you learn the power that you have to choose your thoughts – even about the moments of life that are uncomfortable, unfriendly or even hostile – you will discover a whole new realm of creativity within you.

Here are some helpful steps for Living in Choice:

  1. Honor all your choices

Because we are always at choice and because our thoughts help to shape our reality – it is tempting to think that we always have to think positively and affirmatively.  While I certainly think it is wise to increase the mindfulness we have around our thoughts – I think it is unwise to beat ourselves up for not always doing a good job at it!

You are pure intelligence – acting intelligently – all the time.  Even when you are making so-called “dumb” or foolish choices.   Why?  Because all of our thoughts and choices have value.  It is only when we honor them all that we begin to unleash the power of the choices we make.

Simply put, making yourself feel bad for making an unwise choice is one of the most foolish and self-defeating things you can do.  Instead, honor the choice you made, extract the lesson and move on.

Humans can get so caught up in fretting over how consistent we are with our choices…Emerson said,

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds!” 

And Raymond Charles Barker reminds us

“Never Judge yourself by what you have done.  Judge yourself by what you will do.  You are not the past.  You are the present becoming the future.”

  1. Clarify your motivation

What is your intention for this life and for this day that you are in?  If your intention is motivated by your ego – then you concerns will be filled with material gain, and acquiring approval, love or security from an outside source.  Making choices in the direction of this motivation will never fulfill you – even if you are successful at it.  When you choose in the spirit of this – you choose values that align with your behavior.

If, however, you are motivated by your soul or spirit – then liberation and freedom are your concern.  To be free and liberated is to be living on purpose and in alignment with your highest good.  Acting from this space, you choose behavior that is in alignment with your values.  This is where empowered living is sourced from.

  1. Listen for what is choosing you

We are making decisions all of the time – to confirm our beleifs or reinforce our fears or doubts, therefore we are choosing all of the time.   Redirecting and refocusing our choices are good practical steps in creating a life of choice.  The next step takes it a bit deeper.  And that is to ask the question: What is choosing you?

Did you ever stop to think that you are not here by accident – that you are the manifested intent of the universe?  There is a wholeness, peace, liberty and prosperous vibration of the universe that wants to live and know itself as YOU.  Wholeness is choosing you – are you making room for it?

Keep practicing my friends – next week we’ll explore the steps to an Empowered Life!

–  Rev. Dr. David Alexander

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