Minister’s Message – February 7, 2014

<img alt=”DavidAultHeadshotSmall” src=”” width=”220″ height=”215″ />Reentering back into the rhythm of my work at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta after my time in Cambodia often brings its challenges. The challenge is neither good nor bad, it’s simply a time that shines a spotlight on my dichotomous emotions and makes me dive deeper regarding a greater clarity surrounding my purpose. People ‘get’ children, the needs of children and their hearts act organically making our goals easily attainable.
My question is how do I transfer that same flow to our mission and vision here? What makes people ‘get’ the value of SLCA?
For reasons yet defined, my soul chooses to be a part of building things.  Here in Atlanta it is our physical Center and our transforming identity as a spiritual community.  In Cambodia it is educational facilities and systems designed to enhance the well being of the local children.
Both involve raising the quality of our humanity and divinity. Both involve others to be enrolled in the vision. Many days it feels hard and I admit to feeling less than capable.
As I have sat with this question over these past few days, I become more clear that my number one thing to let go of is the labels of ‘success’ and ‘failure’.  Neither have any validity other than the energy we give them.
As we prepare to unveil our plans for invoking a financially healthy 2014, you will be asked to support our spiritual home with a greater sense of dedication.  You will be given an outline on what is necessary to get us to that healthy positioning.  There will be categories of giving that you will be encouraged to enroll in and most of all there will be a call for community consistency.
And like everything that has ever thrived, it is the collective who decides.
I’m ready to bring that level of thriving to SLCA. Will you join me?
 – Rev. Dr. David Ault

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