Minister’s Message – January 10, 2014

DavidAultHeadshotSmallThe famous composer Beethoven, began losing his hearing in his late twenties. He experienced the early signs of tinnitus which results in excessive ringing, whistling and high-pitched roaring in one’s ears.
After awhile his hearing was completely gone, yet he continued to compose for decades.
There is much to the story regarding his physical torment, anguish and ultimate surrender to his physical condition. There also exists here a powerful testament to the undaunted ability of creation to find its way when it has a willing subject.

Experiencing the roar of our own human noise – the incessant chatter of our minds, makes it virtually impossible to hear and experience the inspiration and guidance that lovingly lay in wait for our attention. Silence is the invitation that such inspiration longs for.

Beethoven’s silence was forced upon him yet he ultimately used it to access some of humanities greatest compositions.

Our partnership with silence is a willing one. What may be waiting for us, if we simply stop and listen?

May we each find the value of silence in this coming year.

– Rev. Dr. David Ault

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