Minister’s Message – May 29, 2014


With the worlds eyes on Maya, one could come across one breathless quote after another penned throughout her literary career. If you never read any
of her six memoirs or spent time savoring the words of her poetry, you might fail to see the immense foundation of a life lived from unabated genius. Her New York Times obituary gives a provocative glimpse of the obvious successes and the blistering failures she seemingly embraced with equal fervor.

mayaIf you did not read it, please do.

She once wrote, “Nothing will work unless you do.

No ‘thing’ in this experience of life will ever be able to be anything more to you than what you are willing to give to it. Many find plenty of reasons to give up after so much setback yet she got up and began again and again and again. If ever there was an instructional manual on how to live your life from its fullest, Maya Angelou’s life would be a fine one.

–Rev. Dr. David Ault

Read Maya Angelou’s Obituary here

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