Minister’s Message – November 22, 2013

DavidAultHeadshotSmallIt was believed to be the poet June Jordan who first uttered the words, ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

I’ve heard this presented many times as a call for the timid, hesitant, fearful part of us to rise up and make bold choices in the way in which we engage in the world.
Oftentimes, for lack of self-honoring, we resist. Our internal programming feels incongruent with such boldness and we expend great energy in our resistance to see ourselves as powerful and whole. Sometimes we go as far as creating unwarranted chaos, making others wrong through jealousy and bias. When boldness is being held up like a mirror for us to see through another’s actions, we may champion it and become inspired or mock it as a way to medicate the pain of our unwillingness and fear.

Even still, what patiently waits to be birthed through us is that “one we have been waiting for” energy – a sense of worth longing to display itself through us/as us by our noble character, deep insight and spiritual strength.

Each of us already possesses such qualities. It is the true us. It simply needs to be recognized and nurtured. When we start owning this and beginning our journey of empowered living, we no longer need to look for another to fix what we feel is broken. We no longer wait for another to fill a void. We no longer postpone our joy and passion for life. The one we are waiting for is already here.

– Rev. Dr. David Ault

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