We live on Earth, but are we living as One—in harmony with the planet, nature, and all living beings—including ourselves?  If we truly believe that God is all there is, then let us live in a way that reflects this truth. Let us move from just saying words, to understanding how this truth shows up in our lives, and to finally making it a daily, sustainable practice. This month, the invitation is to explore and deepen our connection with God, as everything and everyone on this amazing, living planet.

Human conscious awareness continues to evolve and it seems we are being asked to catch up. Developing an ecological conscious might just be the way to do that. 

Most philosophies that encourage a personal connection to something greater than one’s self also encourage looking inward for cultivating that relationship. We are no different. The Science of Mind in solely based on this internal relationship to that which is greater than any one of us. Yet, there seems to an aspect in this type of belief that easily gets over looked. It is super easy to put oneself at the center of it all in this type of philosophy and really miss the point in some major ways. We are a part of the whole; a part of the universe.

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