Not Knowing How

Not Knowing

Do you like to know how things are going to work or how they’re going to happen?

The practical side of me wants to know the exact steps from A to Z and everything in between. I get this from my father who was in charge of logistics in the Army. Forget spontaneity. You can’t go anywhere or do anything without a good plan.

Often this need to know stands me in good stead. Marketing, writing, and business development all require structure and know-how. Without them you’re apt to flounder and spend too much time, money, and effort.

Sometimes, though, this need to know gets in the way, especially when it concerns spiritual practice. The Law of Attraction tells us to imagine what we want, visualize it in great detail, feel ourselves having it, and then let go. Completely. Trust that it will manifest at the right time.

That letting go and trust part . . . not so easy. It can be incredibly difficult for control freaks like me. But in order for the Universe to get the attraction generator cranking, you have to let go. You have to trust. You have to be open to whatever and be ready to take action.

One of my Facebook friends was looking for places for speaking engagements, and a woman responded with a mention about the Conscious Living Center. The name intrigued me so I looked up the woman and the Center, and the more I read the more I kept thinking this could be perfect for my business. I messaged Hope, the founder, and told her briefly about my collaborative book and that I’d love to talk with her. She emailed the following day with “Call me. I’d love to talk.”

That’s when I got nervous. Sending email is pretty easy for me. Talking on the phone takes another whole level of courage. Besides, what would I say?

I let it sit for a day and the following morning I picked up the phone. I asked my angels for courage and dialed and started the conversation with, “I’m feeling a little lost here, but I really wanted to get in touch with you.” We both laughed and the discussion began. Hope’s warmth and friendliness put me at ease. She talked about her Center, her property, the different kinds of events that are held there, and eventually asked the question I was dreading. “So what do you think you’d like to do here?” I told her I had little experience with workshops and classes but that I was open to finding something that would fit. Her intuition told her to mention the idea of a panel and I got excited. A panel! I’d been wanting to be on a panel for years and I’d thought of a writing or editing panel. But a panel for the authors of the book? What a great idea!

That story illustrates the art of being open, of allowing universal energies to orchestrate opportunities. On my own, the possibility of finding Hope and her Conscious Living Center would have been slim. But the universe’s unlimited resources created that possibility with effortless ease and made sure that I saw it.

Are you willing to let go and trust? Not knowing how can be scary. But the more you learn to let go, the more amazing life becomes. Miracles are happening all around you, every day. If you’re not experiencing them, you’re not being open. You’re not allowing. So take a moment to get quiet. Close your eyes. Put your hand on your heart. And breathe deeply. This helps you get centered. Now ask for what you want and let go. Trust that it will happen. Then allow Spirit, God, the universe (whatever you call it) to do the behind-the-scenes work.

NanetteNanette is a writing coach, editor, author, publisher, and CEO of Words of Passion, helping inspirational authors overcome writers block, master correct grammar, create strong structure, and write with clarity. She specializes in helping women write from the heart so they can put their passion into words and inspire others.She created the Partner Up! Book Program to help women entrepreneurs get published the easy way through collaborative books. She is an award-winning writer of short stories and poetry; editor and coauthor of The 28-Day Thought Diet; visionary leader and publisher of the F.A.I.T.H. – Finding Answers in the Heart, Volumes I and II, and author of the e-book Overcoming Writer’s Block: Moving from Fear to Passion. Her coaching programs and services offer clients unique and in-depth ways to strengthen their manuscripts and make their writing sing. You can reach Nanette at or via her personal websites;


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