How to Overcome the Fear of Mediocrity


There you go. That’s it – my greatest fear. I have a huge, hairy, unwieldy fear of mediocrity. While some may hear words like “lukewarm,” “average,” “okay,” and “mediocre” as solid and centered, I break out in hives. Yuck. Icky. Scary. It scares me to think of a milktoast life.  It’s why I love the Oscars, the Tonys, the SuperBowl, the World Cup and any handmade Soap Box Derby Championship – I cheer wholeheartedly for people playing at the top of their game and expressing their talents fully.  But what about the alternative? What if I don’t make it to the top of MY game? What if I don’t express my talents fully and leave MY potential on the table unused?

How do you and I keep our life experiences from being a soggy, middling milktoast mess of mediocrity?  The standard advice goes like this: “get your jiggly rear end off the couch and make something happen!”  This is closely followed by the inspired phrase “Just Do It” apparently coined by the fair Princess Nike. Roger that. Check – get up and move. But is movement, action alone, going to be enough to keep us from mediocrity?  Perhaps you can point to some very busy beavers in your life (avoid the mirror at this point) who are all caught up in plenty of doing but not a lot of world-class expressing. Right?!

Here’s the cure for mediocrity:  Greatness. 

Specifically, knowing your own Greatness is the key. If you can entertain the idea “I am Great,” then invite it in for a sacred cup of coffee.  Linger with this powerful idea for a spell each day. Answer every inquiry of “How are you?” with “I am great!”  You ARE great because, as the prophet Lady Gaga says, “Baby you were born that way!”  You are a unique divine expression of Infinite Intelligence. You are inherently Great. Get used to it!

Once you’ve hung out with your Greatness over espresso – you can drop this mediocrity facade.  It’s not necessary and it’s not your truth “I’m just an average guy or gal.  I’m no great shakes.”  Lies!  Lies I tell you!  Step One is to get used to the idea of your inherent Greatness.  Step Two is to own it.  Owning your Greatness leads to the most wonderful feeling of empowered humility!  I am humbled to know that Infinite Intelligence is working in me, through me and as me just as it is for each person around me.  And I am empowered to know that my decision to own my Greatness and deny mediocrity will absolutely lead to inspired action.  It must.  It has to.  Spiritual Law must respond to a New Thought habitually chosen.

I guarantee that you do know what the top of your game could be and what you are here to express fully. The You that is forever connected to the Divine knows. Pure Greatness you are.  Inspired ideas and action will flow naturally and easily to you and through you once you’ve owned up to your Greatness.  Now get your lovely rear end off the couch and Just Do It!

karenratts_110I see You. With great love,

Karen Ratts  RScP, MBA, MRS,  has worked for major corporations like Jockey, Keebler, Sara Lee, Clorox and Johnson & Johnson in the past.  She now redefines how businesses operate,  through her powerful, conscious, multi-million dollar business model called “the Enterprise,” which welcomes cultural creatives from all walks of life. Her model empowers each and every person to operate in their own Zone of Genius.

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