Peace and Non-violence Youth Speeches

Jack Silvestar – Sunday 2/23/14

Good Morning.

My name is Jack Silvestar. I am 11 years old.

I want to say a few words about Peace and Non-violence. First thing I want to say is we need to find peace within ourself – because without inner peace, we would have no connection to God.

Peace is being able to treat everyone with kindness, respect, compassion and love. Wouldn’t you think the world would be better if everyone would treat each other as if they were a loved one?

Thank you.

Karina Toma – February 9, 2014

Peace and non-violence is a big part of our life to help us direct us on the right path.

Peace is to protect us from all the threatening words and to let all the positive energy and words into us.

Non-violence is to protect you from physical threats and your physical temper that can shout out and cause damage. Stay aware of your actions and steer yourself away from it all. To keep your mind off that state of aggression and violence, you can help people which are or worse in that state by giving their needs to them. Help them.

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