Poet Laureate

Each year during the summer, SLCA hosts our annual Poet Laureate Competition which encourages our members to share their gifts and insights with the world and submit a poem to SLCA based on a chosen theme. The theme for our 2014 competition was “Reawaken Spiritual Magnificence.”

The goal of the SLCA Poet Laureate Competition is to recognize outstanding writers in our community. Poems entered in the competition are judged by a panel of independent literary judges and the chosen winner(s) will assume the role of Poet Laureate, which lasts for one year.

In addition to being crowned Poet Laureate, the winner(s) receive a beautiful crystal obelisk trophy and their poem is published in our biweekly newsletter, service program and website. In addition, the winning poem is also arranged as a special song by our music director Penelope Williams and performed live during SLCA Sunday Service.

SLCA Poet Laureate Winners

2016 Poet Laureate – Kristy Arantes “The Vision Within Me”


2015 Poet Laureate – Kathy Ellis  “How Can I Live”

Kathy Ellis 2015 poet laureate

2014 Poet Laureate – Jacqueline M. Gordon “Magnificence Rising”


2013 Poet Laureates – Lorri Palko & Deb Keegan “Live Inspired”
Lorri Palko and Deb Keegan Poet Laureate Competition 2013

2012 Poet Laureate – Munishwarji Walking Tall “Vaya con dios, Forgiveness”

2012 Teen Poet Laureate – Porter Bailey “Stairs & Doors”

2011 Poet Laureate – Timothy Thomas “Instinctively”

For more information about the Poet Laureate competition, please contact Penelope Williams, Director of Creative Arts Ministry, at pwilliams@slc-atlanta.org

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