SLCA 2.0

SLCA-2.0Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta 2.0 is a proactive model for how 21st century spiritual community can thrive and evolve when meeting the challenges of a swiftly changing world.

SLCA has always provided ancient wisdom-based teaching. Now, with 2.0, the principled content is intensely focused on transforming the experiences of members from intellectual entertainment to actualization and embodiment. The goal is to inspire immediate action in every participant. All messaging and methodology demonstrates the power of our thoughts to transcend ideas of:

  • lack to unlimited possibility
  • separation to inclusivity and
  • victimization to inherent freedom

SLCA’s deep commitment to demonstrating possibility, inclusivity and freedom has prompted us to new pathways of learning. As a result, we have moved away from the centuries old singular personality-driven lecture model to a diverse spiritual council of wisdom instructors. Each instructor is selected for their unique knowledge and expertise to challenge our members in uncovering their highest potential. Much like a university, our Sunday experience and adjunct class curriculum becomes a concentrated space for learning, embracing and mastering the central message of our founder Ernest Holmes, “when you change your thinking, you change your life.”

Modern times demand authentic and enlightened role modeling. To experience and reveal a world that works for everyone, we must own the responsibility of becoming the living embodiment of our life changing principles. SLCA 2.0 is willing to lead and support anyone who feels they are ready to rise to this calling. The time is now, and we are saying yes.



Spiritual Council

Instead of a personality, or senior minister approach to delivering weekly messages and related services, SLCA has chosen a Spiritual Council that will be made-up of 5-6 individuals, who on a rotating basis, will provide the weekly messages. This may come in the form of 2 or 3 presenters at the same time or the traditional individual message. We believe that providing different perspectives on spiritual development will enable the individual to have a broader and richer spiritual experience. From time-to-time, new Spiritual Council members will be introduced in addition to guest speakers. Rev. Dr. David Ault will continue to serve as a facilitator and monthly speaker on the council.





Historically, SLCA has provided classes based upon the Centers for Spiritual Living traditional curriculum, however we have determined that SLCA must provide more relevant classes based upon the current needs of our membership. On a regular basis, SLCA will introduce a new series of classes that will be provided by expert facilitators and educators. Most of these classes will be 4-6 weeks, one class per week and can be purchased (unless love offering) as a whole class or paid each night of class. Additionally, new online courses will be introduced in 2018. Seminars will also be made available from both local and national instructors that range from 2-hours to weekend workshops. Please check the current listing of SLCA’s classes and seminar for details and registration.


Community Outreach

SLCA believes that not only do we practice our spiritual development from within, but we must also go out and demonstrate our belief of

oneness in our communities, assisting others in need. In 2017, we poled our members on a number of social causes that were presented

to them. The choice by the membership was to support non-profit organizations that assist with hunger relief and homelessness. As we

choose organizations to support, a variety of opportunities will be presented to our members to volunteer. Some may choose to volunteer

occasionally, where others may choose to become much more involved – either option is okay, but there will be a commitment to go

through training with the organization to assure the volunteer understands the proper way to assist others in need. Please be watching for opportunities to find out more about how to get involved.




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February 22, 2017