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We believe in the power of affirmative prayer or spiritual mind treatment. You are a magnificent child of the most High – allow a practitioner to remind you of your Truth!
Practitioners are available for complimentary prayer after Sunday Services to pray with you, and our prayer ministry is always available for times of great personal need.


A practitioner is a servant of highly expanded spiritual consciousness and deep understanding, trained in the study of Science of Mind and in the art, science and skill of Spiritual Mind Treatment/Affirmative prayer. They are licensed to practice professionally and are bound by a high code of ethics to respect your privacy. A practitioner is dedicated to the cause of helping others and is trained to assess individuals in improving their life experiences and conditions. The practitioner gives Mental/ Spiritual guidance in supporting others in identifying the mental causes of issues.

A practitioner listens, questions, teaches truth principles, guides the process and does a healing treatment/affirmative prayer. Spiritual guidance at the spiritual level of awareness, focuses on making inner changes in order to manifest the desired outer results. All spiritual change is from the inside out.

Talk to a practitioner if you are in need of inspiration, in

need of healing in health issues, finances, relationships, career, or the celebration of a major event in your life. It is an honor and privilege for a practitioner to support you in any of these areas. You are a magnificent child of the most High – allow a practitioner to remind you of your Truth!

Practitioners are available for complimentary prayer after Sunday Services to pray with you. They are also available for private, individual spiritual guidance on a fee basis at other times. Feel free to call a practitioner and ask for their fee schedule and location. The fee is established at the time an appointment is made. The fee is not for prayer, but rather for the practitioner’s time, training, skill, and professional knowledge of spiritual principles and practices that can enhance one’s life.

The relationship between the practitioner and the client is one of utmost confidence, integrity, and trust. It is essential to the practitioner-client relationship that all information shared is kept in the strictest confidence.


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On page 315 of the Science of Mind textbook, Dr. Holmes writes:  “Energy unconnected does nothing, it is only when it is used properly directed, that it accomplishes things.”   We always have three choices:  run away from our problems, stay and fight the problem, or properly direct the energy to transcend the problem.   Spiritual Mind Treatment is the form of affirmative prayer I learned when I came out of desperation to this teaching in 1986.

I stayed because of how connected I felt to the message of Dr. Holmes, as it was presented by Dr. Kennedy Shultz.  Volunteering and taking every class available became my favorite things to do.  Becoming a Practitioner was a goal I achieved in 1996, which is when I felt called to ministry.  After serving as Senior Minister in two pulpits, I retired from ministry in 2013, however, I will always remain an active Practitioner.


Phone: 925-691-1842


Kristy knows the importance of cultivating self-love. It plays a vital role in the healing of one’s consciousness. Self-love is also key to more harmonious relationships, improved physical health, and even increased prosperity. Kristy will guide you through the journey to self-love and connection to your Highest Self.

Kristy is a writer and soon to be published author. She combines her passion for people and her writing abilities to inspire others to live their greatest life. As a social media influencer, she is able to reach a global audience with her messages of faith, hope and love. She is currently building her “SimplyK” brand to champion causes near to her heart.



Jean can help you use spiritual principles to achieve a happy and whole life.

Jean Bell is a licensed practitioner, and author of the metaphysical children’s book, Brookie’s Adventure. Jean knows that all individuals are divine godlings, and loves helping others to discover this truth for themselves!



Shasta can assist you in releasing false beliefs that bring about positive change in your life.

Shasta has a passion for all spiritual paths. A teacher, singer, dancer, and business owner, she enjoys connecting others with their highest creative self through open honest dialogue and spiritual mind treatment.



From the moment the words of Ernest Holmes’ classic, The Science of Mind, clicked within me and helped illuminate a path to the Divine Presence within—I knew that becoming a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner was the path for me.

As Holmes writes in The Science of Mind, “To suppose that the Creative Intelligence of the Universe would create man in bondage and leave him bound would be to dishonor the Creative Power which we call God” (25).  No one is immune or exempt from the opportunities that life uniquely disguises as “problems” or “challenges.” Holmes affirms what we deeply know—that this Creative Intelligence which created us also equipped us with the tools to not only get out of bondage but to flourish, prosper and succeed. This teaching has provided me with practical ways to address the myriad of opportunities to prove the principle, and how it constantly works

As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, I see my role as a midwife of spiritual consciousness—to assist in uncovering a limiting idea or notion and bringing forth a new thought or new awareness that leads to transformation.

Let’s do it together!



Joseph Clark offers you support in reaching your divine potential. Passionate and supportive of exploring all spiritual paths.  Joseph helps you use conscious decision making and spiritual principles to achieve wholeness in your life. An intuitive, educator, writer and advocate who has worked to promote the empowerment of Persons with Disabilities.  As a practitioner, Joseph is of service to you and seeks to create an environment of loving support and understanding to help you achieve the best possible you.



Baji offers a clear healing consciousness helping you recognize your inner divine power.

For 30 years, Baji taught and administrated at Contra Costa Community College (CA). She is a poet and Tai Chi instructor. Baji has been formally studying metaphysics for over 20 years and participates weekly in a local study group. An SLCA member since 2002, she serves on the CSL Practitioner Council. A mother, a grandmother, and a loving mate, she is committed to creating peace in the world, starting at home, with herself.



Katherine helps you align with your God-self to experience your full potential.

She is a mother. As Practitioner she fulfills her desire to help others spiritually, mentally, emotionally. She co-facilitates 365 adult study group & started the Cancer Survivor/Thriver Support Group. She is in Landscape and permaculture in Douglasville.


Phone: 770-815-5753


Avon will teach you how to rely on and believe in your unlimited potential!

As a Life Mastery Coach, Wedding Officiant and Interfaith Minster, Avon enjoys helping individuals live the life they have imagined. She is also a Financial Advisor Representative and spiritual financial coach helping people get a better idea about money.



Osizwe would love to join you in recognizing greater joy and creating the life that you desire. Dr. Osizwe Raena Harwell  is a veteran educator, consultant, and public scholar. Her work examines contemporary black women’s activism, wellness and spiritualized self-care. She believes that we all have unlimited spiritual power and the potential to transform the world around us.

Osizwe has enjoyed a long career as a teacher and leader in K-8 schools and as a college professor of Africana culture,  history, gender and sexuality studies. Her first book, This Woman’s Work: The Writing and Activism of Bebe Moore Campbell debuted in June 2016. Osizwe has presented workshops, keynote speeches, and trainings for audiences of all ages.



Dawn lovingly guides you in remembering your TRUTH….Spiritual Perfection! As a Nutritional Awareness Consultant, Dawn encourages and empowers individuals to seek a higher level of health through education and awareness of personal food choices. The journey to more abundant health can be achieved one nourishing bite at a time!


Phone: 404.718.0428



Tony is committed to assisting the seeker to gain a greater awareness of Truth. He believes in a holistic approach to healing by connecting mind, body and spirit.  Tony is a licensed clinical therapist helping teenage males work through maladaptive behaviors, trauma, and abuse.  His passion for encouraging others will guide you to a greater expression of your Divine Nature.


Phone: 404.314.3795


Detra prides herself in helping others to create a purposeful life.

Detra has been a Science of Mind Practitioner for 9 years. Detra has studied and applied spiritual principles learned from multiple metaphysical modalities over the last 20 years. She looks forward to assisting her clients create the purposeful life they desire.



Diana will lovingly assist you with a heart-centered consciousness to love yourself fully so you can be open to give and receive love directly.

Diana is very passionate about her spiritual path.  As a child, she began reading metaphysical books that led her to the Science of Mind text in 2008.  She is intuitive, a Level II Reiki Practitioner and has a nonprofit for homeless veterans assisting them with resources to pursue economic self-sufficiency, as well as a volunteer with hospice and other nonprofits.


Cell: (678) 334.5653


A longtime resident of Atlanta, mother of 2 grown daughters, grandmother of 5, an active Realtor and a soon to be published writer, Lexa has attended SLCA since the late 1980s and recently became a licensed Practitioner. Lexa believes that the greatest gift we can provide another human being is to remind them of their connection to Spirit and their inherent perfection.

When circumstances or challenges obscure our vision and knowledge of our greatness, a Practitioner is useful to remind people not only of the connection to Spirit that exists but also of our perfect nature. Through that knowledge, we realize that all things are possible and that solution already exists. What a privilege it is to provide Spiritual Mind Treatment to restore essential truths to someone, thus clearing the path to resolution of challenges.



Richard offers spiritual guidance and support on your journey toward a more vibrant and fulfilling expression of life.

If you are seeking healing or expansion in the areas of health, finances, career, relationship, or creative self-expression, Richard can assist you in realizing your own spiritual perfection regardless of your current conditions. For every life challenge you face, there is a spiritual solution.

Through the use of affirmative prayer and the creative power within us all, your life can be healed and transformed. As you become more spiritually conscious, you will experience positive change and begin living your best life yet. The possibilities are endless!


Phone: 404.543.6636


Naana can support revisioning thought patterns and experiences that block you from living your birthright of joy, love and peace.

Naana uncovered at a young age that her intuition was to be her companion and inerrant guide on this life journey. She is committed to living a purposeful life that supports her deepening awareness of connection to the Divine and the world around her. She is a writer, a teacher of practical metaphysics. In her spare time, she reads, meditates and expresses her creativity through choreography and sewing home décor and fashion.


Phone: 404-979-1200


Victoria will help you realize and demonstrate “How Great Thou Art”.

She is a Meditation Facilitator, CSL Instructor, Speaker, and Vocalist. Throughout her ministry these skills are utilized to assist others in recognizing their “I AM Consciousness”, and how to use It for the greater good.


Phone: 404-397-7615


Karen is passionate about prosperity and assisting people in expanding their individual expression to their next highest Self!

Karen is a conscious business leader and entrepreneur. She was on the SLCA Board of Trustees from 2011-2014 and served as Treasurer while SLCA bought and renovated our first home here at Northeast Expressway. She loves sharing the gift of Affirmative Prayer to assist people in major life changes and shifts.



Janet gratefully shares her insight to help others live joyfully and peacefully.

A New Thought student for more than two decades, Janet is a retired Legal Administrator and volunteers as a CASA. She is devoted to daily spiritual practice and continuously learning more about our inherent divinity.

Phone: 770-304-0513


Brandy is an Atlanta native and has been a licensed practitioner for over 5 years. She is a Pisces. Her passion is to help others live with purpose and integrity. She has ministered to many at both SLCA and in her business to help them discover their true self.  She is ready and available to assist you in whatever your needs may be.  Brandy has been very involved in raising awareness to Human and Civil Rights as well as working with LGBTQ community.  She is a highly skilled jewelry designer, hair stylist and makeup artist.

Text only at 678-612-6621


Cynthia’s passion is helping people shift their life force energy from fear to love. She has applied spiritual principles to her therapeutic practice for over 30 years and is excited to serve as a Practitioner.


Phone: 917-816-3534



Rev. Al will assist you in knowing the truth of your Being, “Your InnerMost Self” in Spiritual Mind Treatment also known as Affirmative Prayer. Being an ordained Minister since 1999, he will also bring you to know What and Who YOU are on this earth plane. He was introduced to New Thought at the age of 25 through Eric Butterworth in New York City. His truism is “Spirit leads, Mind follows and Body belongs.” Al is a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a great-grandfather, therefore wisdom simply emanates through him.



Jonni has been an active member of SLCA since 2008, where She has attended on & off since the 1980’s.  Jonni has volunteered in most areas of the center on a regular basis.  Jonni is a Feng Shui Practitioner and a Level II Reiki Practitioner.  Jonni considers herself a passionate helpful person.

As a licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Jonni can know the truth for you, using the scientific method of prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment.



Idella can help you to thrive in the joys and fulfillment of the life you deserve. Idella is an athlete, fitness/life coach, singer and Spiritual Practitioner. She empowers others to live a happier, healthier, fit, prosperous life based in “self-love and self-worth” and a deeper spiritual connection with God.


Phone: 404-262-1133


Dale is committed to living and sharing his new found love of Science of Mind.  As a practitioner, he brings over 26 years of recovery from substance abuse and truly believes there is no power greater than Universal love and law.  His interests are sewing, singing, dancing, his pets, laughter and helping others.  Dale believes that Universal Intelligence can only do for you what it does through you.



Susan is committed to this teaching … Susan is committed to this teaching and knowing the power of affirmative prayer. A former Physics teacher, Susan understands physical laws are extensions of spiritual laws. Using these laws, she created a healthy, prosperous and loving life and is happy to assist others is doing the same.


770-433-9900 (9a – 9p)


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Looking for Emotional, Physical or Spiritual Support?

SLCA Care Ministry Service & Support Our care team is made up of SLCA practitioners, ministers and members. We are available for your support and offer service in the following areas:

SLCA Care Ministry Treatment Team
We offer prayer/treatment to those who are experiencing difficult issues. Please know the SLCA Care Ministry Treatment Team is here to support you. The treatment team is comprised of practitioners and ministers.

SLCA Care Ministry Visiting Team
If you are going into the hospital, are in the hospital, or at home with an illness or injury, please let us know. The SLCA Care Ministry Visiting Team would be more than pleased to visit you. This team is comprised of SLCA practitioners, ministers and members.

Both services are complimentary.

Please phone us at 404-417-0008 ext. 109, or email us at