Rev. Susan Zoller Invites You to Enter the Mandala


Growing up, spiritual understanding seemed much like entering a movie theater.  Walking in to view the film, a wall greeted you that blocked the light.  To be seated required a walk around either end of the wall.  The screen and seating were then visible.

I was behind that wall, frustrated others were seated and seeing the film, not knowing how to enter and unable to see the show.

Despite my desire, understanding God, by whatever name known, was something others could do.  For me, it remained elusive.  Something within me must be wrong or missing, and I sought compensation, remaining unfulfilled.

You and I, consciously or not, may believe ourselves lacking or fragmented, yearning for completion, for authentic knowing.  Many avenues promise answers.  External validation never satiates the hunger for wholeness.

My path to understanding is well represented by the mandala chosen for this week.  To me, it represents the process of enlightenment.  The border colors radiate outward, drawing us into light, a flame.  Going deeper, we spiral inward to a womb or place of creation.

Not consciously knowing the way, I was drawn to the Atlanta Church of Religious Science, as SLCA was named then.  My desire birthed the means to learn spiritual principles and the willingness to create a greater life, a life more amazing than imagined.

Self-unification is the height of spiritual attainment, joining the self with all there is.  Sunday’s service is an invitation:  Enter the mandala.

Join us for our Sunday Experience every week in August and receive a different mandala each week.
Week One Mandala

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