A Spiritual Approach to Parenting

I was born to be a “mommy.” From my very first memories,  I was in love with the idea of nurturing little ones. Little did I know that I would take on that role at the tender age of 15. Becoming a parent while still growing up myself proved to be a bit challenging. But within


Dating as a Single Parent

Dating as a single parent is very different compared to dating before I was married. The people I meet are not just dating me; they are dating the three of us. I look at finding love in less of a romantic idea or emotional rush but more of a working relationship: will “he” work for


Being an Intentional Parent

Parenting is a tough job, and we parents are usually harder on ourselves than anyone else. My claim to fame is that I know I am not perfect and, frankly, I don’t strive to be perfect. Well not anymore! Recently, I was feeling very frustrated with something going on with my daughter, and felt my

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