The Body Divine: Resources

All month long in June, our theme is BODY. Each week during our Sunday morning services we will explore how to live everyday wonder through the magnificent and magical creation that is our body. The body you have, right here and right now, is an expression of God. By loving it, learning about it, and listening to it, we come closer and closer to the Divine. 

Here is a list of resources we’ll be referencing throughout the month – we invite you to explore and share these valuable resources focused on enhancing the relationship with our Body.

Books and Articles:

Organizations or Movements

Special Feature:

Be sure to check out the body scan meditations from the Blackfullness App!

Sermons – Check back each week for a link to the previous week’s message – or tune in LIVE on Sundays mornings on FB page or YouTube 10:15AM ET

Week 1: Welcome to the Temple by Dr. David Alexander

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