The Freedom of Co-Creation

Last Sunday, I began our July series on Creativity with the message on the Power of Co-Creation. You can view the whole service here.

I want you to remember a few key things from this message.

  1. You are a co-creator with the universe. You always have been and you always will be. Regardless of whether this has been known by you in the past or not.
  2. This power is also using YOU. It is utilizing you as its outlet – its vehicle for expression and expansion. As such you are supported by a universal intention called Wholeness, Harmony and Fulfillment. This is what the universe wants to express through you. Your job is to be in alignment with this intention.

“There is a power in the universe greater than you are, and you can use it.” – Ernest Holmes

So, how do we go about being in alignment with the Universal Intent of Wholeness, Harmony and Fulfillment? Most of us are well aware of the first step which is about using the power of our word to lay claim to a new reality. We learn about affirmations, affirmative prayer, and spiritual tools that allow us to break free of old paradigms and patterns that either no longer fit or no longer work for us.  This first step allows us to break away from victim consciousness and take more control over our mind/consciousness which is so often been hypnotized into a spell of “not enough”.  That said, claiming a new reality is only the first step. Claiming our independence over circumstances that no longer serve us, does not make us free, it makes us responsible.

The second step is about becoming more responsible for taking the actions necessary to bring forth a new reality.  The challenge is that responsibility often frightens us because we feel overwhelmed by the work.  It is overwhelming to think of the work that is required to create a world that works for all.  e.g., ending racism, healing the planet, creating equity in housing, workplace, etc… it’s overwhelming, yes?

So here is the thing my beloved: there are only three kinds of work in this world (thanks Byron Katie):

  1. 1. My work.
  2. 2. Your work, and
  3. 3. God’s work.

You don’t have to do all the work – you just have to do your work. This is why it is so important to remember that you are a co-creator.  You are never alone, you have the creative power of the universe behind you!  Not only that, but you have a community!  That is why we are here as a spiritual community – to support each other, encourage each other and to be a safe place for each other.  If you came across this blog post and are not a part of our spiritual community, we invite you to learn more by clicking here.  If you are outside of the greater Atlanta area and are looking for spiritual community, we invite you to check out our parent organization, Centers for Spiritual Living and look for a local member community in your area.

You use the power of Mind and It uses you. You are never alone in your creation!

This week’s affirmation:

Today I claim independence from any and all undesirable conditions in my life. In doing so, I step fully into my responsiblity as a co-creator for my greater good.

Keep practicing my friends!

Next week: I’ll be talking about the power of authoring a new story!

-Rev. Dr. David Alexander

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