The Spiritual Law of Supply

ConsciousThe recent funeral for Beau Biden, son of Vice-President Joe Biden, was one of the most poignant public displays of love that I have ever witnessed.  President Barack Obama had difficulty holding back tears as he talked about what a good man Beau Biden was.  He shared personal stories of Beau’s humor whispering in the President’s ear at fundraisers or his prioritization of family by riding the escalators with his son at the Democratic National Convention instead of hanging out with donors in the back rooms.  The eulogy was personal and touching.  President Obama talked about being part of the Biden clan and called Vice-President Joe Biden “my brother” claiming he and his family will forever be part of the Biden family.  He referenced a Biden family rule about showing love and caring for others. Vanity Fair: President Obama’s Eulogy for Beau Biden is Mandatory Viewing.

This Biden family rule was fully evident when Beau Biden’s younger brother, by one year and one day, Hunter Biden eulogized his brother.  The love and caring was on full display when Beau’s baby sister Ashley Biden shared her heart break and her love for Beau in her tribute.  Each sibling described Beau as the heart center of their family, but also as the heart center and helping hand for countless friends, fellow soldiers and the public at large as Attorney General for Delaware. Ashley Biden’s eulogy for Beau was so moving and I felt the effects of this funeral for days.  How had Beau Biden had this much of an effect on people in his short 46 years?

The Biden family has every right to have shown bitterness rather than love.  When Joe Biden was newly elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972, his entire family was in a car accident.  His wife and infant daughter were killed.  His young sons, Beau (almost 4 years old) and Hunter (almost 3 years old) were in the hospital when Joe was sworn in by their sides as a Senator.  He pledged then that he would resign his Senate seat if he could not be an effective father.  But Hunter in his eulogy for his brother talked about riding the train to go to work with their Dad and watching their dad treat everyone – train operators, busboys and Senators alike with respect.  The father and two young sons chose love.

When Beau was 8, Joe married Jill Biden.  Again the family chose love.  The boys did not reject Jill they embraced her with love.  In his eulogy for Beau, his brother Hunter said directly to Jill Biden, “Mom, you healed our hearts once.  We now need you to do it again.”  And then when Beau was 12, Jill and Joe had a daughter named Ashley.  Once again he chose love and not resentment or victimhood.  In Ashley’s eulogy of Beau, she talks about spending so much time with her brother when he was in college that Beau’s friends started calling her “flea.”  He simply told them that his kid sister came with him and they would have to live with it and respect her.  I could feel the love and connection that Ashley had with Beau and has with Hunter with no hint of “you are a step-sister and potential competitor for our Dad and Jill’s love.”

Why is the love so palpable in the Biden family, so much so that the Obama’s feel part of the clan?  Why did Joe and his sons not choose bitterness and victimhood after such a tragic accident?  I believe the choices made by the Biden family over the years, including public and military service, come from The Law of Supply.  The good news is that the Biden’s are not an exception, but they prove the rule.  The Law of Supply is a Universal Law, like gravity it applies to everyone.  Like gravity, the Law of Supply cannot be seen but its effects are very real and can be felt in touchable, tangible ways.

What is the Spiritual Law of Supply?

Simply stated, the Law of Supply says ask and it is given.  Ask!  Our desires are inspired.  Our desires come from intuition and knowing deep down that we are here to expand our expression. If I am willing to ask – the Universe, my Highest Self, the One Power operating in, as and through all things – then I have taken the first step in believing and honoring my connection to all of Life.  Now consider the second part – “and it is given.”  From where?  By whom?

This is the everyday magic of the Law of Supply!  It is given from nowhere and everywhere.  It is given by no one and everyone.  The underpinning of the Law of Supply is that there is One Power operating in, as and through all things, including all humans!  This Power is called many things:   Life, Nature, Infinite Intelligence, Highest Self, God, Love, The Universe, The All.  This ancient spiritual wisdom is now complemented by scientific facts.  Quantum physics has shown that the Universe is an open field of energy.  The design of this energy system is that we can draw anything to us through desire, thought and belief.  The field itself is unlimited and the energy can take any form we so desire.

You may be familiar already with another Universal Law, the Law of Attraction.  One must first anchor the idea of the Law of Supply BEFORE the Universal Law of Attraction!  Why?  Because an acknowledgement of unlimited supply, an acknowledgement that the Divine Order of the Universe is unfolding and providing perfectly for each one of us is necessary to truly and credibly launch our desires into the Universal Mind.  If I believe that Universal Supply is limited, then even as my good comes to me I cannot recognize it.  If I believe that receiving my desires limits someone else from receiving theirs, then I have put a human-imposed limit on an unlimited, quantum field of intelligence.  If I believe that asking for myself is selfish instead of inspired, then I have pinched off my sight of the Infinite Law of Supply.

To be clear, the Law of Supply will continue to operate for each one of us.  I have only pinched off my sight of it – not the actual operation of it.  But I have the opportunity to use it much more consciously and allow for a life of ease and flow.

The Law of Attraction, as described in the Secret by Rhonda Byrne, is a quick and easy encapsulation of the Universal Laws.  This Law of Attraction book is a great introduction to the idea of manifesting abundance and attracting wealth and prosperity.

In this blog series, I will go beyond the Universal Law of Attraction using the metaphysician Raymond Holliwell’s writings Working with the Law.  Three of these Universal Laws are: The Law of Supply, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Receiving.  IN THAT ORDER!  While the Law of Attraction books and The Secret may talk about one Universal Law, there are others.  There must be a belief in Supply before we ask!  Perhaps the adage “ask and it is given” could be re-written:  Know the Universal Law of Supply, Ask and launch your desires into Universal Mind, and then actively notice and Receive your good.  “Ask and ye shall receive” is Ancient Wisdom from many teachings across the ages.  (I will discuss actively receiving prosperity, abundance, money and the Law of Receiving later in this series!)

How does the Law of  Supply work? 

My experience shows that if you can grasp the next two statements and incorporate them into your belief system, you can be, do and have anything that you desire.  Do I have your attention?!  Here are the two statements:

Believing is seeing.

Thoughts are things.

I don’t know who coined the phrase “seeing is believing.”  Perhaps the show-me state of Missouri came up with that phrase!  Some say that the disciple known as Doubting Thomas came up with that phrase and the Master Teacher Jesus corrected him.  No matter the origin of the idiom, when we repeat things casually that come from mass consciousness as if they were the truth, then those phrases operate as if they are our truth!  My experience is that believing is seeing.  Ancient Wisdom in all spiritual traditions says believing is seeing.

Believing what?  Believing in the spiritual Law of Supply means seeing abundance in one’s personal experience.  Believing in Love means experiencing love.  Believing in my Good means I can see and feel my Good.  Believing that I am worthy of manifesting abundance means that I can see, touch and feel abundance right here and right now.  I must believe it first and then I can see it.  Without belief, I may have little or no awareness of seeing my Good, let alone receiving it with open arms.  Without belief, there is a lack of perception of the Good already present and a diminishment of the conscious use of the Universal Laws.  Again, like the physical Law of Gravity, the spiritual Universal Laws will still be working for all of us, but I am finding the conscious use of them to be much more fun, powerful and flowing!

The second statement that has changed my world for the better is to be clear that thoughts are things.  This goes beyond some vague notion that “ideas have power.”  Scientists have shown that the quantum nature of the Universe operates on an energetic level.  This energy may be unseen by the human eye initially, but it can be directed into form by our thoughts.  Quantum physics has shown that when a thinker thinks, the open and infinite field sends energy towards that thought to bring it into form.  As long as the thinker holds the thought habitually and believes that it can manifest, then the chosen thought will indeed take form.

You can anchor this knowledge by observing anything in your physical environment right now.  That spoon was someone’s idea and is now in form.  The chair that holds you off the floor was a thought launched into the quantum field and is now in form.  The famous example of airplanes, flight and the Wright Brothers is a perfect story about believing and then seeing.  Thoughts are things because as you think them you send an actual energetic pulse into the Universe.  This is the seed planted in the soil of Universal Mind around which the quantum field can now coalesce.  You have launched the Creative Process with your thoughts!

I suggest that thoughts are the most valuable thing we have.  And as we choose our thoughts more and more consciously, we can increase our experience of joy, love and abundance with great ease and flow!

Like the Art of Manifestation discussed by Oprah Winfrey and Wayne Dyer in this Super Soul Sunday video , the Law of Supply is about manifesting abundance.  This includes abundance in all of its many forms.  If you have a desire to increase love in your life, love for self, love for others, love for life, love for humanity – all forms of love are part of the unlimited Law of Supply.

This unlimited Love is what I felt from Beau Biden’s funeral.  What I felt so strongly connected to in the eulogies given by President Obama, Ashley Biden and Hunter Biden, is that Beau Biden believed that Love is limitless.  He didn’t see Love as a limited resource to be hoarded and tucked away.  He viewed Love as a limitless supply flowing through him to be shared with friends, family and the world at large.  I see Beau Biden’s life as a testament to the Law of Supply.  All of the Biden’s could have chosen to shut down and be bitter about life.  They chose instead to lean in, to serve and to love.  Make no mistake, this is not a case where someone first saw abundance and love and then believed in it.  Remember, seeing is believing is backwards!  No, I believe the Biden’s chose to believe in love and now they see it and feel it everywhere even in their grief.  Believing is seeing!

My highest knowing for you is that you are One with the One Power of the Universe and that your increased knowledge of the Universal Laws will assist you in manifesting anything you desire in this life!  And so it is!

Karen Ratts, Practitioner

Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta


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